Alibaba, one of the most important e-commerce companies in the world, is working with blockchain technology in order to tackle food fraud. The intention is to use analyse the supply chain and detect possible food fraud.

Alibaba Test Blockchain Technology

Blockchain can help preventing different problems in the society. The technology is not only used for cryptocurrencies. This time, the new pilot program will be using a blockchain platform that will track international shipments to China from Australia and New Zealand. The Australian and New Zealand enterprises are Blackmores and Fonterra.

The information has been reported by ZDNet on April the 26th. In the article, they explain that Alibaba believes that blockchain is well-suited to address food fraud. At the moment the pilot blockchain will be first tested in Australia, other countries may be added later.

With this pilot, the intention is to avoid Alibaba sell intoxicated products or without the necessary controls. According to different data, there are hundreds of individuals that die every year just because of food fraud. Blockchain is not only helping the financial world, but it is also shaping a new way for detecting food in bad conditions.

In the past,, another important Chinese e-commerce platform, started working with distributed ledger technology to track the supply chain of its meat sales.

“Consumers in China do not just want quality imported products, they want to know that they can trust how and where their food is sourced, and blockchain helps us deliver this peace of mind,” commented the Chief Technology Officer at JD, Chen Zhang.

Walmart, and Carrefour are also working with the technology behind virtual currencies in order to improve food safety and their services. Clients are protected, and consequently, more happy about the place where they buy their daily food.

Image Provided by Business Wire