Author: Adedamola Bada

Best Forex Trading Signals Channels on Telegram

The Forex market continues to attract a large number of investors and enthusiasts from all over the world that would like to make some profits trading currencies. This is why we have decided to do a list of the best forex trading signals channels on Telegram for you to have the information you need.  In this guide, we will make a list of the best forest trading signals channels on Telegram and share with you the best services providers in the industry.  Read More: Top 10 Forex Trading Signals Channels on Telegram AltSignals AltSignals is the largest and most...

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These are the Top 5 Best Gold Trading Signals Groups on Telegram

In recent months, Gold has been one of the most attractive investments due to the way in which it has been growing in recent weeks. The price of gold surpassed $2,000 and it has been above that level for some hours.  Just last year, gold was traded close to $1,450, showing that the precious metal has skyrocketed in recent days and weeks. This is why there are some great gold signals providers that would help traders properly enter and exit the market.  In this guide, we will be sharing the top 5 most recognized gold trading signals groups on...

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AltSignals Releases July’s Report With Massive Gains and High Accuracy Rates

AltSignals, the most popular and recognized crypto trading signals group in the world has released its July reports for BitMex, Binance Spot and Futures and also for the Forex market. The results prove once again the dedication of the team behind AltSignals and how they are working on a daily basis in order to offer the best trading signals for users in the crypto and forex markets.  In this article, we will go through the results in each of these channels and understand the performance in each of the platforms we mentioned before. This is the first report after...

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Bityard Review: The World’s Leading Crypto Contracts Exchange for New Crypto Investors

As the cryptocurrency market continues to expand all over the world, companies such as Bityard are offering simple and easy to use cryptocurrency exchange services to users. While using crypto platforms can be a difficult task for newcomers, Bityard is making it very simple to handle digital assets.  The exchange has been attracting a large number of users during the last few months due to the simplicity and easy-to-use experience it offers to clients. In this article, we will make a review of the main features of this platform and why you should consider it one of the leading...

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What is a Bitcoin Wallet? Beginner’s Guide About Handling Your BTC Funds

The cryptocurrency world has been expanding in recent years. A large number of individuals all over the world is now handling Bitcoin (BTC) and other virtual currencies. However, not all of them know how to better handle their funds and how to protect them.  One of the main things you need to know is that you hold your BTC coins in Bitcoin wallets. These wallets are considered to be the best way to store your Bitcoins considering they are certainly going to be safe and secure.  With these wallets, you can send and receive Bitcoin in a fast and...

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