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BC.GAME Honored with the “Best Casino Operator 2023” Award from SiGMA

Malta, November 15, 2023 – BC.GAME, a leading innovator in online gambling, proudly announces its recognition with the prestigious Best Casino Operator 2023 award by SiGMA. This esteemed accolade, presented at the SiGMA Europe 2023 event, marks BC.GAME’s distinguished standing among the world’s top online casinos. The award celebrates BC.GAME’s commitment to excellence in providing engaging and responsible gaming experiences.  The Best Casino Operator 2023 award by SiGMA is a respected honor within the online gambling industry, recognizing operators that exhibit unparalleled innovation, customer service, and operational excellence. It is bestowed upon a casino that consistently redefines the boundaries...

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Neon EVM Launches on Solana Mainnet

[PARIS] – July 17, 2023 – During ETHCC23, Neon EVM launched on the Solana Mainnet to help close the gap between the different programming, computing, and memory models of Ethereum and Solana, bringing a low-friction solution to allow EVM dApps to settle to Solana. The Neon EVM program is a smart contract on the Solana blockchain. It accepts wrapped Ethereum-like transactions and processes them on Solana.  Previously, when EVM dApps wanted to leverage low-cost solutions, they had to use a rollup or sidechain. By using Solana as the settlement layer, an EVM is well-placed to outcompete such L2 solutions....

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MetFi DAO Announce the Second Successful Collaboration with CertiK to Conduct Security Audit

MetFi DAO, the world’s first DeFi utility NFT ecosystem focused on investing in and incubating Metaverse and Web3 unicorns, is excited to announce its successful completion of the second collaboration with CertiK, a leading security auditing firm to get code audits whose results appeared on April 5, 2023. As a decentralized autonomous organization, MetFi DAO made security its top priority. The collaboration with CertiK enabled MetFi to ensure its platform and protocols were as secure as possible. MetFi DAO was Code Audited by CertiK MetFi DAO is pleased to announce the successful completion of its second code audit, conducted...

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WEWE Global Community: An Outstanding Opportunity for Companies and Projects

Imagine a world where you could get your project in front of millions of people with just a few clicks. That’s where WEWE Global comes in. Thanks to our community of hundreds of thousands of people from over 86 countries and our passion for sourcing the best and most innovative projects, WEWE Global loves to see new businesses and projects succeed, thanks to its incubator and accelerator programs. WEWE Platform is an excellent place for businesses to get real-world results. With powerful networking tools and marketing resources, any company or project involved and pushed by WEWE Global can reach...

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Brazilian Footballer David Luiz is Now the Brand Ambassador for BC.GAME

  BC.GAME has announced that David Luiz, a Brazilian professional football player of the Flamengo team, has become its official brand ambassador. As the crypto casino’s brand ambassador, Luiz will consistently collaborate with BC.GAME to help promote the casino platform and engage with its community through social media and live-streaming platforms. David Luiz as a Brand Ambassador for BC.GAME David Luiz’s association with BC.GAME will not only help the crypto casino gain more exposure. As a BC.GAME ambassador and one of Brazil’s most prominent football players, he can connect the Brazilian football community with the crypto casino platform and...

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