Glen Goodman aka “The Shares Guy”, has been sharing his views. He talked about the cryptocurrency industry. It is also about whether the “ICO bubble” is similar to the real estate bubble of the last decade.

Who’s The Shares Guy?

He was a business correspondent for the BBC and ITV. After he left the financial reports, started making more money trading than doing him job. Glen made headlines for “Little Short”, earning £100,000 during the 08-09’s financial crisis after betting on a market crash.

For him it is very important to study the way in which information about blockchain and cryptocurrencies are opposed to the dominant financial media of the moment. He also believes that every day for many people, trade is becoming a hobby and a second career. This is because there is more money to be made from trading than from any job. So he also foresees that it may happen that many will leave their jobs and start trading full time.

Will the Cryptomarket Recover? The Best Advice

And while the cryptocurrencies market as a whole seems to be going through a prolonged bearish phase, the Shares Guy sees that things are recovering. Time to market is his specialty, as he makes money by recognizing changing trends as they happen.

Today Glen had an interview with Avi Rosten, where he explained that after the December rally, he suggested in January that the 2014-15 crisis might be repeating itself. Also said that any major price boom always takes a long time to get out of the system before the market recovers.

We have to work through all the FUD and reach a point of maximum despair & hopelessness where the last miserable chancers throw in the towel,” Glen concluded.