We all know the story about Mt Gox and how it ceased to exist. It had terrible consequences for the crypto community and affected the crypto market. Mark Karpelès, former CEO of Mt Gox, has been hired by London Trust Media. He will be the Chief Technology Officer (CTO), at the Denver-based company.

Mark Karpelès Required

In a moment in which crypto experts are needed, Mark Karpelès could fit for this position in some enterprises. London Trust Media, a US-based corporation has decided to give Mr Karpelès a second chance for his damaged career. According to some reports, the company is one of the most extensive virtual private networks – also known as VPN – service provider in the word.

The company has also been investing in cryptocurrency projects before. For example, it was one of the earliest investors in the virtual currency Zcash, and the start-up Purse. Karpelès is a person that has the required skills and has experience in the crypto industry, said Andrew Lee, co-founder and chairman of London Trust Media.

Mr Karpelès has been arrested in 2015 in Japan due to the legal problems it faced with his cryptocurrency exchange Mt Gox. At the moment, Karpelès is not able to leave Japan. But according to the company, he will be working from the Asian country.

During the Mt Gox heist, over 850,000 bitcoins were stolen. This was one of the biggest hacks of all times ($7.9 billion dollars right now). Currently, 200,000 of the lost bitcoin have been recovered, but the remaining 650,000 are still lost.

During an AMA on Reddit, Mr Karpelès decided to answer questions about his private life, future in the crypto community, and other questions about the hack.

About the 200k BTC found, he commented:

“When Mt Gox filed for bankruptcy we evaluated the company as being bankrupt. Between its first trade in July 2010 and the bankruptcy in February 2014, Mt Gox accumulated a lot of history, including various attempts at implementing secure cold wallets back in 2011. Despite being less secure that actual paper wallet, that cold wallet, a wallet.dat file contained almost 200,000 BTC.”

Image Provided by CTV News