NEO has a very active community and incredible teams working on top of the NEO Blockchain. Let’s analyse what the last days left to us and how NEO keeps growing day after day.

VALID Token Sale Statistics

The Valid Project (VALID), a blockchain digital identity and personal data platform, informed the results of its token sale. In a blog post, the company explained that they raised 10.73 million dollars, they minted 449,848,163 VLD and 1,585 participants from 69 different countries participated in the token sale.

VALID believes that personal data will be a new asset class in the 21st century. That’s why regulators will be pressing companies to comply with stricter data protection laws. VALID will allow users to request their data at any time, and privately store it on their VALID wallets.

Neon Exchange KYC Closing

The second round for the KYC process on the Neon Exchange in order to register its token sale is open until April the 27th. With the KYC procedure, the intention is to comply with government and banking regulations.

If a user is interested in participating in the token sale, then it will have to pass through this process. That is very important for Neon Exchange due to the fact that it wants to remain compliant in an area that is tightening regulations. Additionally, NEX is registered as a European security.

NewEconoLabs Launches NEO Blockchain Explorer + Light Wallet

The Chinese community of developers that supports the NEO ecosystem, has decided to release, a blockchain explorer application, and a light wallet. The information has been uploaded by NewEconoLabs on their twitter account on April the 23rd.

The block explorer provides information about the latest blocks, the total amount of transactions performed, and the number of wallet addresses created for the NEO blockchain. The block explorer is available on the NEO MainNet and the TestNet and can be used in English and Chinese.

At the same time, the wallet allows users to safely store, send, and receive NEO coins. It is always important to have your coins outside an exchange if you are not a trader and you want to use your coins. Moreover, NewEconoLabs created a wallet for WeChat.