The media has been always calling virtual currencies as the ‘currency of criminals.’ Indeed, Bitcoin went famous after being the currency used at the Silk Road. But blockchain, the technology behind cryptocurrencies could be used for fighting illegal drug sellers. Intel Corp. will be working with the pharmaceutical industry to tackle this problem.

Intel Fights Drug Dealers with Blockchain Technology

Intel will be developing a new blockchain system that will be able to trace drugs produced by laboratories. The main intention of this development is to pinpoint where drugs leak out of the supply chain and solve that issue. Moreover, Blockchain technology could help addict patients that take more than one prescription from doctors.

David Houlding, director of health-care privacy and security at Intel Health and Life Sciences, commented:

“It will vastly reduce the opioid epidemic. I would not say that this will eliminate the opioid problem, but this will help.”

In the United States, there is an epidemic that is hitting hard the society. Between the years 2000 and 2015, the number of registered deaths caused by opioids grew almost 4 times. Currently, there are 10 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants, and the trend does not seem to stop.

Blockchain could eventually help the situation trend to continue. It will not be the ultimate solution but it may seriously help tracking what patients buy, when, and if everything is controlled.

Distributed ledger Technology has different use cases and not only in the financial industry. Health and education can also be improved with this technology.

Tara Rabin, FDA spokeswomen, explained:

“Because electronic medical records contain information on prescription refill behaviour, use of blockchain technology may add to the FDA’s understanding of how prescription opioids are being abused and spread illicitly into our communities.”

Image Provided by Intel