Cryptocurrency and digital tokens data and market capital ranking website CoinMarketCap announced major updates in its quarterly review on August 1, 2018. The update includes a new professional API, an iOS app update, a newsletter, an events page, a new exchange ranking feature, a derivatives market and a glossary of crypto terms.

The Professional API

CoinMarketCap already offers a public API which will be taken offline on December 4, 2018. They have requested all users to migrate to the Professional API. The main aim of the Professional API is to provide accurate data required for traders dependent on using the platform for staying updated with real time prices of digital currencies. CoinMarketCap aggregates data from hundreds of crypto exchanges. The API can be used for product offerings, market capitalization, conversions and other uses as needed.

All that is new in the CoinMarketCap update

Derivatives markets have been added to the website such that they may be explored beyond the standard exchanges already listed. Support for futures, options and OTC exchanges have been added. This addition is to help users understand derivatives better as derivatives continue to grow as a cryptocurrency asset class.

The new events page provides information about all of the cryptocurrency event around the world. Even users may submit their events to the page for other users to discover. A new daily newsletter has been launched which covers news, trends and updates in cryptocurrency daily.

The exchange ranking page has been updated to include various new features. Users can now view trading volume and data in different intervals. Exchanges are now marked as standard fee, no fee or transaction mining based on their operation. This will help users in looking at exchanges most relevant to their interests.

The iOS app update and the Glossary

The latest update to iOS platform based application now contains support for currency conversions. A glossary has been added which will help users in understanding cryptocurrency and blockchain concepts. Its content includes technical terms, common expressions and CoinMarketCap specific terms.

Image provided by CoinMarketCap.