Cryptocurrency hackers are spreading now that Bitcoin and virtual currencies proved to be great investment tools. But fortunately, a British court will sentence a 26 cyber criminal that stole Bitcoin back in 2015. Scotland Yard was able to seize about $700,000 in bitcoin.

Scotland Yard Protects Investors

Criminals that decided to steal bitcoins may be facing some legal problems. The English police acted in a very professional way to seize an important amount of bitcoin from Grant West last year. This is one of the first seizures of cryptocurrency in Britain.

According to the local media outlet inews, the criminal collected data of major businesses – including Sainbury’s, Uber, Ladbrokers, Asda and Argos. Then he decided to sell all the information gathered to various marketplaces in the dark web.

The Police not only confiscated the proceeds from the illegal activities, but also £24,000 in cash and half a kilogram of cannabis.

Bitcoin Criminals

This is not the first time that thieves are involved in the cryptocurrency environment. Criminals search different ways to steal, and internet is one of these places. Cryptocurrency exchanges are a sitting duck for those who want to obtain virtual currencies in an illegal way.

Several exchanges like BitGrail or Coincheck have been hacked and millions of dollars were stolen from both. Investors lost their funds and in some cases it is not easy to get the money back. BitGrail users are still waiting for a legal answer from the court of Florence, while Coincheck is already operative again and investors covered.

It will be important for police forces and legal agents to be ready to face these challenges. Cryptocurrencies are expanding, but stealers never sleep.