There are many different sites about cryptocurrencies, news, information and related content. But it is not so common and easy to find a good quality site, user-focused and with important features. CoinLib is here to change that.

What is CoinLib?

CoinLib has been launched back in December 2017, when the price of virtual currencies was skyrocketing. The team behind it has been working for several months in order to bring a good quality product to the market. And this is what CoinLib is now offering.

Cryptocurrency Market

The first thing that a visitor sees when it enters to the site is a very clean table with the most important virtual currencies in the market according to their total value.

It is possible to see the price, the market capitalization a graphic with the latest price movement, and the logo of each virtual currency. Moreover, CoinLib offers the possibility to see the latest movements in market capitalization, bitcoin dominance and 24 hours’ volume.

Interested users can also create their own portfolios, choose favourite tokens or filter the currencies with different parameters. For those who prefer the dark theme, it is possible to change the colour of the background from white to black with just one click.

The creators wrote about the site:

“We tried to have a fast, mobile friendly front-page and we think allowing you to star your favourite coins is very useful. Prices update automatically and in real-time as we pull data straight from 36+ exchanges (grows by the day). Finally we put a lot of work in the portfolio and alerting system, although it is still arguably far from perfect.”

News Site

CoinLib is also offering other interesting tools for investors, and not just the prices of the cryptocurrencies in the market. It is possible to read the latest crypto news on their site. The most important sites in the market can be found there. Users are able to read the latest information in the crypto world without going out from CoinLib’s page, which is fantastic!

More Unique Tools

The exchange is also offering information about different coins, cryptocurrency exchanges in the market and different alerts and notifications.

There is different information about exchanges, for example, the volume they move, the cryptos listed in this exchanges, and more stats.

One of the latest implementations that CoinLib added was the possibility to add their cryptocurrency tracker as a widget in different websites. This means that the CoinLib will have an important presence in the market by informing crypto enthusiasts about the market prices, at all times.


CoinLib is an incredible tool for investors, crypto enthusiasts and crypto experts. It offers a site that gives users the possibility to track their favourite virtual currencies, read the most important news, create their own portfolio, and everything with a user-friendly interface.

If you want to know more about CoinLib you can visit them on their social media accounts: