Information about cryptocurrency transactions is usually publicly available, although it is difficult for a common man to find out information about owner’s address. But this is as long as the account is not tied to a name. In this case, they use special services to increase security and stealth. Having learned what a Bitcoin mixer is and how it affects the anonymity of a cryptocurrency, you can make tracking your transfers almost impossible.

A solution that allows you to increase your anonymity, including Bitcoin, is BitMix.Biz that accumulates a larger number of unrelated operations, then mix them and pay to a completely new wallet address, preventing them from being tracked. We collect commissions from our customers, which starts with 0.4% of the transaction amount.

For privacy, not for laundering cryptocurrencies

The data provided by Chainalysis may surprise – they refute the rather common thesis that cryptocurrencies are mainly used by cybercriminals and people associated with illegal activities on the network. Almost half of the total funds come directly from cryptocurrency exchanges, which mean that their users care about increasing confidentiality and eroding information about the origin of the acquired funds.

It is worth noting that although analytical companies have tools to track the origin of cryptocurrencies entering the mixing sites, it is impossible to determine what happened to specific measures after exiting the mixer (if it works correctly). In other words, mixing works and allows you to blur data about the origin of specific funds.

Is Bitcoin the dark side tool of the internet?

The general views on the extent of fraud and the popularity of cryptocurrency among criminals and illegal individuals are usually greatly exaggerated and are not supported by analysis by specific research organizations. One of the good examples of this pattern is the July report, also prepared by Chainalysis, according to which the total cost of illegal trade in the darkcoin network from darknet will exceed a record $ 1 billion this year. Despite this, the total percentage of BTC transactions related to criminal activity is currently less than 1% of the cost of all network operations. Moreover, it has been steadily falling since 2012, when this indicator reached 7%.

One of the features we value in Bitcoin is quite anonymity of the transaction, but to fully preserve it you need to try a little bit. One of the methods used to anonymize coins is “mixing” services, which, after paying the funds to our address, send you other coins to the address provided by you.

The whole cycle takes two confirmations of the Bitcoin network – in the first the coins are collected and transferred outside the chain (where mixing is done), in the second confirmation the coins return to the network already mixed up to new addresses.

Since the whole is based on cryptographic solutions and is completely dispersed, it is not possible to “disable” or “close” the operation of the website, it is also not possible to stop the coins – the entry transaction already determines where the coins should go and it cannot be changed in the initial transaction.

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