Watching football when we are far from home, or just lying in bed without a TV near, depends directly on a smartphone or a computer. There are many websites and applications that allow you to watch all the football matches you want at any time. But there are important risks associated with it. In this article we tell you why.

Football Matches on Your Phone – At Which Price?

When we watch any football match, from the beginning until the end, we can spend more than 90 minutes in front of a screen. The cell phone (or computer) will be running processing power in order to provide you the best quality of image as possible, but there is always CPU power that it is not used.

There are some malicious applications or websites that consume your CPU power when you stay on their sites. They use it in order to mine cryptocurrencies.

According to a Russian security company, Kaspersky, the malicious code Coinhive has been installed in several webpages and applications. This code steals the processing power of your device when you watch football matches or any other kind of sport like basketball, volleyball, or handball.

The compromised devices were those with the Android Operative system, and the most popular of these applications had more than 100,000 downloads.

That means that when people were enjoying their favourite teams playing, at the same time they were mining cryptocurrencies for others. Your data, your information, and files are totally safe. Coinhive injections work just consuming the CPU power of the visitors. All the power used from all the users allows the hacker to mine cryptocurrencies like Monero.

How to Avoid Being Cryptojacked?

The most important thing to avoid cryptojacking activities, it is important not to install not authorized applications. At the same time, apps that are not from official developers could be more prone to be infected.

Furthermore, there are some web browsers like Opera that have already installed a protection against these illegal activities. Additionally, some extensions in Google Chrome or Firefox, have some extensions that protect individuals from suffering these attacks.

Image Provided By Pixabay