If you are searching for a cryptocurrency exchange to trade virtual currencies, you will search for the platform that offers you better services and solutions. VDollar is a good example of how to offer unique services to investors and traders. This leading exchange turns fees into assets, incentivizing trading activities. 

In this VDollar exchange review, we will go through all the details about this virtual currency exchange and how you can start using it leveraging its characteristics. VDollar is one of the leading platforms in the cryptocurrency market and it continues to attract new investors from all over the world on a regular basis. 

What is VDollar Exchange?

The VDollar exchange is one of the most innovative and recognized exchanges in the cryptocurrency market due to its unique trading mining mechanism. The goal behind this platform is to offer users the possibility to turn their fees into assets. The more you trade, the exchange says, the more money you have. 

This is just the main feature of this platform, but there are many other things that we should take into consideration. Users will find it very useful to trade a wide range of virtual currencies and enjoy a new trading system, which includes the so-called USDT Reserve Pool – or URP – that is linked to the VDollar digital asset.

The VDollar virtual currency is currently pegged to the URP virtual currency at a 1 to 1 ratio. Each VDollar coin is now backed by an underlying asset. At the same time, the market capitalization of this virtual currency is expected to be reduced by 50% during each of the phases. 

What Does VDollar Offer to Users?

We have seen that VDollar has a wide range of solutions and features. However, these do not end in the previous paragraph. There are other key features that are worth taking into consideration. We are talking about the new trading mining solution, a perpetual motion machine, a super representative generation mechanism and more. 

Let’s start with the new trading mining solution. This is the main feature of this cryptocurrency trading platform as it offers a new trading mining model. Users’ fees paid per transaction will be used as an asset to back the VDollar token. 

The exchange decided to issue just 10 million VDollar tokens. But that’s not all. This is a deflationary cryptocurrency. Its supply will be reduced by 50% during each of the phases. In this way, VDollar becomes the first exchange in the world to create a new trading mining system. 

For added transparency, there is a USDT Reserve Pool address that makes it possible for users to verify the funds stored. 

Other Features

But these are not all the features available for users of the VDollar cryptocurrency exchane. There is a feature called perpetual motion machine. Thanks to it, there will only be 10 million VDollar tokens and each of them will be minted when 1 USDT in fees are paid. During every and each of the phases of the perpetual motion machine, the coins will be halved.

Following other types of crypto projects, VDollar wanted to offer users the possibility to select super representatives. Through its super representative generation mechanism, users are able to select by voting 32 different super representatives.

The number of seats available is expected to remain static in the future (there will only be 32 seats). This is one of the ways that the company has in order to make the whole platform more decentralized and community-focused. 

Understanding the VDollar Token and its Competitors

We also need to know that VDollar wants to become one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. In order to do so, it will have to compete with other platforms such as Binance, which created the Binance Coin (BNB) virtual currency. 

Binance is now one of the largest platforms for users that want to trade virtual currencies. But VDollar is moving faster than other platforms. The VDollar exchange wants to offer even a larger number of services than Binance. This would allow it to become one of the exchanges with the most advanced solutions and features. 

The VDollar token (VD) could also continue growing in the future if the platform expands. Why? Because there could be more and more services that depend on the VD virtual currency. Moreover, all the transaction fees go to support the token. Binance, instead, decided to create a virtual currency with 200 million BNB tokens, 20 times more than the VDollar coins. 

Through the USDT Reserve Pool (URP), VDollar is able to collect 100% of the transaction fees and use them as a reserve for the VDollar token. This, alongside the democratic structure of its super representatives, would make it possible for the platform to reach one of the top positions in terms of services, solutions and market valuation.