In the first international cryptocurrency conference structured by Tron, niTRON 2019, it has been verified that popular American basketball legend Kobe Bryant will speak at the event.

Impact of Kobe’s Appearance on the Crypto Space

It was reported in October that the former President of the United States, Bill Clinton, who served from the year 1993 to 2001, addressed the audience at the Swell conference organized by Ripple in San Francisco. In his address, he stated that the potential of the blockchain technology was massive.

The upcoming speech of yet another prominent and influential individual seems like the herald of a new era; on in which the cryptocurrency world now possesses the ability to attract a lot of major individuals in the world to back it up, mainly because of capital raised from ICOs.

The former Los Angeles Laker’s player will by 2021 be inducted into the NBA Hall of Fame, after a great career spanning 21 years with his team. He also had success in the nationals with a two time Olympic gold medal won with the US Men’s Basketball team won back to back in 2008 at Beijing and London. Following his retirement, Kobe has been largely involved in projects in the media, and this will be his first venture into the digital currency space.

The addition of Kobe as a speaker for a cryptocurrency event has been described by some as a ‘coup’ for cryptocurrency as a whole, particularly because it provides a platform for the highly esteemed basketball player to introduce crypto to his followers both on social media, and sports lovers. Others, however, think the latest happenings concerning Tron and Baidu, China’s ‘Google,’ will have users mistrust the announcement made by Justin Sun, the founder of TRON. TRON was alleged to have a partnership with Baidu, which was simply an agreement on cloud computing, and the talks surrounding the news has not subsided yet.

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The cryptocurrency conference is centered towards convincing industries that aren’t yet integrated with nor have tried out the blockchain technology, to give it a try. Although the introduction of a prominent face to deliver a speech might boost the prospects for cryptocurrency, those in the crypto world are eager to hear what Bryant has to say about cryptocurrency and his perception of the technology. Justin Sun spoke to Forbes about Kobe’s participation in the summit. He stated that;

“Kobe Bryant is a basketball genius. I have been a huge fan of Kobe and deeply inspired by his journey. It’s my great honor to have Kobe as our special guest for the niTROn Summit. It’s worth mentioning that Kobe Bryant is not only a basketball genius but also an investment genius.

We look forward to hearing his great speeches at the summit.”

Tron released information relaying that the CEO would share with the audience, Tron’s roadmap to achieve greater success in their project. A special session will also be held for blockchain development front-runners to talk over technical issues such as DEX development and public chain research.