In recent months, Gold has been one of the most attractive investments due to the way in which it has been growing in recent weeks. The price of gold surpassed $2,000 and it has been above that level for some hours. 

Just last year, gold was traded close to $1,450, showing that the precious metal has skyrocketed in recent days and weeks. This is why there are some great gold signals providers that would help traders properly enter and exit the market. 

In this guide, we will be sharing the top 5 most recognized gold trading signals groups on Telegram. 

1- AltSignals

AltSignals is the largest and most used gold trading signals group on Telegram. This company has been operating since 2017 and it has provided trading signals since then. They are offering gold trading signals and also crypto and forex signals for users that like to trade a wide range of assets in the market. 

The company releases regular reports related to the accuracy and effectiveness of its signals and it also allows users to trade with the Cornix bot. This is going to make it much more accurate and automated for users that want to have an extra earning at the end of the month without being all the time close to the charts.

In addition to it, the firm has developed a unique trading indicator that can be used in TradingView. VIP users will have the possibility to use this indicator and improve their trading in the gold market almost immediately. This is one of the reasons why we consider that AltSignals is among the top 5 most recognized gold trading signals groups on Telegram. 

Furthermore, AltSignals has been working in order to offer users educational content on a regular basis. This is going to allow gold traders to have valuable information about why the market behaves in a specific way. Furthermore, it will help traders understand the macro trend of the market more clearly.

This is not the first time that AltSignals is selected as one of the top 5 gold signals groups available on Telegram.

2- Gold Trading Signals

This Telegram channel that is currently working on Telegram is a great way to start getting information about the gold market and how to better trade. The group has been operating for several months and a professional trader is going to be offering a 100-people VIP limit to follow the signals he provides. 

The trades provided by Gold Trading Signals are accurate and they are usually accompanied by market analysis made by the trader. This is going to provide additional data and information about gold and how we could expect the market to continue operating. 

In a similar way, as AltSignals is doing, Gold Trading Signals will also be providing crypto trading signals for more exotic traders. 

3- HuracanFX

HuracanFX has been working in order to offer users with advanced gold crypto trading signals. These signals can be used to improve the trading strategies of several users or simply to get some extra funds by trading gold. 

This is among our top 5 most recognized gold trading signals groups on Telegram due to the fact that it is offering traders with valuable trading information to have a diversified portfolio and to properly trade gold. 

As already other groups are doing, HuracanFX will be sharing with the community of traders educational content to increase the knowledge of the users. They are not going to provide plain trading signals, but they are going to be sharing with clients regular market analysis and valuable data. 

4- Gldfxcc

Gldfxcc is also one of the most recognized gold trading signals groups on Telegram. The firm is going to help users to better trade in the gold market and to improve their strategies over time. Now that gold is attracting a larger number of users, it may be a good opportunity for individuals to start following gold trading signals and get accurate information about when to enter/exit the market. 

Furthermore, the team behind Gldfxcc is offering users a great 24/7 support with a VIP price of £35 per month. This is going to make it easier for traders to get the information they need and continue to move forward in the market. 

5- Profits Hunter Signals

Profits Hunter Signals is a gold signals group on Telegram that is working in order for users to have accurate trading signals for the gold market. The main goal is to offer free and regular gold trading signals for traders to get information about the XAUUSD trading pair. 

One of the things that are worth mentioning about this site includes the fact that they are not offering educational content for traders. That means that users that want to have valuable information about the market would have to use other gold signals provider from Telegram or do their own analysis of the market.