As the popularity of NFT’s continues to be the main story these days for Crypto, there is one token you don’t want to miss out on, and that’s The Crypto Buds!

CryptoBus NFT

Crypto Buds has released a completely original, inaugural collection of 10,000 NFT digital playing cards for sale to the general public. At the time of writing this, 1619 tokens have been sold and only 381 remain before the next price increase…so definitely act now and your gets ASAP at


This Cbuds collection includes non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for a range of artistic Headphones cards that are limited in number, and range in rarity from uncommon to rare, all the way to unique.

“Our passion for headphones and music, combined with crypto, was the driving force behind this first collection,” said Crypto Buds. “We developed the Cbuds as an opportunity for NFT collectors to be among the first to participate in what is probably the largest NFT art project to hit the crypto scene so far. Our original offering of 10,000 Cbuds will sell out soon, and its collectability and value is already ensured by its limited number. But although each card is already rare due to limited availability, some are far rarer than others – that’s part of what is generating so much excitement.”

Each card is recorded on the Ethereum blockchain, is fully synced to the platform for selling or trading purposes, and includes full ownership with unlimited commercial rights. Crypto Buds is a completely digital arthouse that offers a diverse collection of crypto collectibles created by over a dozen highly decorated, experienced digital artists from around the world.

“All sales are digitally randomized for fairness, and we also instituted a 21-day blind system, so that buyers cannot selectively choose to purchase only super-rare cards at first,” said Crypto Buds. “This gives everyone a fair shot at getting an ultra-rare NFT with each purchase, ensuring an even and fair distribution at the beginning. We have no idea which cards are sold to whom until the blind is removed. After the 21-day period, though – or when all cards are sold, whichever comes first – the blind will be removed and any remaining unsold cards will be revealed.”


Built within the Crypto Buds collection is a nuanced system of rarity-valuation that includes five different categories, and a special gift for one lucky buyer:

Type: DJ Headphones, PC Gamer, Ear Buds, Pods, Bluetooth

Style: Pixel, Pixel Metal, Pixel Diamond, Epic Metal, Epic Diamond

Pattern: Multi, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond

Music Note: Bass Clef, Treble Clef, Sharp, Flat, None

MP3: HipHop, EDM, Jazz, Country, Rock, None

Special: The absolute rarest card also includes a unique, unreleased MP3 file for music lovers.


Crypto Buds plans to roll out other NFT collections in the near future, including art, 3D holograms, virtual games/apps, music, and a special LED headphone with virtual designs minted online from Crypto Buds fans. Crypto Buds was recently reviewed by the popular YouTube show, “Professor Crypto

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