Every fall in prices is accompanied by a new wave of interest from big business. So institutional investors have been buying Bitcoin (BTC) all year round.

Institutional Investors: In Love with the Bear Market

The astronomical rise at the end of 2017 was simply impossible for any institutional investor to ignore. Which may have had the effect of essentially forcing people to take a good look at technology. Institutional investors have remained at a completely unsatisfactory stage with regard to the latest corrections. However, their interest has grown rapidly.

A good sign is the significant growth of the institution oriented ‘over-the-counter’ scene for big trades. Another sign is that institutional investors have shown great interest in cryptocurrency. They are also using the recession to invest more money in this market.

One more sign could be the Grayscale Digital Asset Investment Report for the first half of 2018. This presents amazing losses of around -40% to -70% in general. Along with charts of continued growth, steady demand and average inflows of $9.55 million per week.

Of which the majority (56%) are from institutional investors, and the majority ($6.04 million) go to bitcoin.

2018: When More Has Been Invested

This synchronization of the Grayscale input streams is also not coincidental. For, they are solidly intertwined with prices to suggest that recessions see a wave of accumulation. As the inflow dries up as prices rise.

There was little interest in January as the markets inflated. But the money roared again after it hit rock bottom in February. The two most important weeks of the year were in February. When buyers took over the cryptocurrency, which was suddenly very cheap.

Then, the next big influx in the March rally came just as the BTC Misery Index indicated it was time to buy.

The interest is undeniable, and it is clear that the losses of 2018 to date do not deter people. The Grayscale indicates that 2018 in general has been a particularly busy year, which has been the year in which most has been invested.