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Canadian Cloud Mining Powerhouse Nuvoo Revolutionizes Cloud Mining Industry with a Month-to-Month Contract and 50% Cheaper Rates!

Nuvoo, the largest crypto ecosystem mining company in Canada, is now taking giant strides towards emerging as the world’s leading platform for convenient and profitable cryptocurrency mining. The company has just released a new bitcoin contract that will completely change the game for the industry, with a month-to-month concept based on a 24-month payment for an open-ended contract.

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Bitcoin Miners Energy Consumption Rate Causes Stirs and Fight Back

The rate of power consumption by bitcoin miners has caused stairs and fought back from the public, states and power generators. This situation has led to an increase in the cost of electricity for the community and the transfer of the effect on crypto miners in the society. The fight against the power consumption of crypto miners is presently a feature of Plattsburgh, located on shores of the vast Lake Champlain on the US-Canada border.

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What is BetterHash the Protocol that Aims to Decentralize Bitcoin Mining

There are several discussions about whether or not Bitcoin mining activities are centralized. Indeed, there was an important hard fork (Bitcoin Gold) that did want to decentralize mining operations. This time, Matt Corallo, an important Bitcoin Core developer, decided to publish a draft of a Bitcoin Improvement Proposal (BIP). The BIP aims to decentralize bitcoin mining activities by adopting a new mining protocol.

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