CryptStorm talked to Nick Spanos. The CEO and co-founder of told us that he firmly believes that Bitcoin will recover. And this is sooner than you might think, despite the current bearish trend.

Rise In The Chart

Bitcoin and blockchain expert Nick Spanos, founder of Zap, the Bitcoin NYC Center and Blockchain Technologies Corp., believes that BTC will recover quickly from its downtrend. This statement was taken over by Mr. Spanos when we asked him about the nature of the current chart movement in the cryptocurrency market:

We’ve seen cryptocurrency crash in the past. It’s gone down for months, but we see it go back up again once people get back in, and when it does, it goes up very fast and very high because there are only so many. It’s digital scarcity,” Mr. Spanos told us.

Considered by the community as one of the best experts in the market, he bets to try blockchain. Since no third party is needed to broker trust. A trust that now exists through mathematics and cryptography. And not like before when it was only through banks and governments.

Nick Spanos

Nick Spanos, acclaimed bitcoin and blockchain expert

Spanos argues that the large countries that have large legacy financial systems will try to regulate bitcoin and altcoins. That’s a little humorous, since he says that “you can’t really regulate mathematics, no matter how hard governments try”.

He believes that it is not wrong for governments to try to regulate the cryptocurrency market. It is only natural that governments should try to keep old legacies alive. As well as the successful video rental companies. Because he believes that any system, correct or not, must at least try to survive.

But these attempts by governments will only bring injustice to themselves, because small countries will soon become the mecca of finance. And this has been repeatedly stated by Nick Spanos.

It is already happening; all the big things are happening in small countries because they have nothing to lose. When people understand how that will change their industry, then everyone jumps up and that’s when we see the peak again.” Spanos concluded.

 Spanos and World Opinion

As a public figure and ambassador of bitcoin in the world, Spanos is taken into account before the world opinion by the governments and authorities of the countries. For example, in December 2017, when the market was booming, Spanos was invited by the president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, to create the Petro cryptocurrency.

At first Spanos praised the idea of an open currency and a transparent market for the Caribbean country. Referring to the fact that the Venezuelan government created its own crypto, he said, “I see in Venezuela the next Dubai of the Western Hemisphere”. However, after several days of stay and observation, he did not subscribe to the government’s technical specifications for Petro.

As such, these specifications are enshrined in a whitepaper that circulates among the higher levels of the Maduro government and that over time has increasingly become a political document steeped in socialist doctrine.