Katlego Marite, the kid kidnapped some days ago in South Africa, has been found according to the South African Police.

As reported by Reuters Africa, the 12-years-old teenager is now with the police, that informed that he was found near the place where he was kidnapped.

“I can confirm that he has been found,” said Brigadier Leonard Hlathi on Thursday, as the local media source, TimesLive, informed.

Katlego was kidnapped on May the 20th by three individuals when he was playing near his home. The gangsters tried demanded 15 Bitcoin to be paid before May the 27th to a BTC address that they left in a note to the family.

The teenage has been found unharmed and in good conditions. At the moment, the police were able to take into custody three suspects that have been located near Katlego’s house.

The address related to the criminals received over 5 BTC in the last days. Before May the 21st, the intention was to receive 1 BTC, and the rest to be paid before May the 27th.

Bitcoin Criminals

During the last year there have been several situations involving Bitcoin and criminals. The Taiwanese police were the first capturing a group of individuals that decided to steal two friends that wanted to sell 18 BTC.

When they met to make the transaction, as soon as the seller showed them that he had 18 BTC, the three individuals attacked the friends and gave them alcohol to drink – to seem that they were arguing after being drunk.

The police were able to find one of the three thieves involved in the attack. At the moment, there is no information about the BTCs stolen.

Image Provided by Telegraph.uk