NEO will hold meetups and workshops throughout Japan prior to the arrival of hackathon in August.

A community meeting will be held this June 8 in Ariake to introduce the new developers to the program. NEO invites interested participants to attend the meeting to find out what they can expect from the workshops and the hackathon.

Speakers at the introductory event include Miki Hayama, COO at NEO in Japan, and Keio University’s Keisuke Fukui, PhD.

The development workshops will be held fortnightly in Tokyo from 23 June and fortnightly in Osaka from 1 July. The initiative is called NEO Developers Basis and hopes to grow the development community in Japan. As such, the hackathon will take place from 24 to 26 August.

Developers interested in attending should fill out this form.


Miki’s experience bridged a group of 15 countries, which naturally led him to become an interpreter for top executives on blockchain. He has generated for NEO the construction of communities and other activities in the Japanese market.

Keisuke is a member of “Learning of Tomorrow”, an association made up of professors from Keio and Tokyo University, with the sponsorship of important companies such as Yahoo. Its aim is to promote the next generation’s approach to ICT. Keisuke took the initiative on blockchain with NEO as an ally, to enable students to put their education into practice by conducting workshops.