Experienced traders have already noticed the prospective growth and multiple positive trends of MobileGO token that is also known as MGO. With the fall of all the major players in the cryptocurrency market, MGO token is striving upwards — 157% growth during 2018.

According to the rating of CoinMarketCap (5th December 2018), MGO occupies the 74th rank and it means in top-100 of the most trustworthy and traded altcoins in the world. It is quite natural that the token and the team behind it cause the interest.

History of MGO token

Behind the MGO token is the team responsible for launching the GAME coin back in 2014. The developers worked in the field of the gaming industry and planned to improve it by introducing blockchain.

GAME was quite successful, but the team decided not to stop there and drew attention to the field of mobile entertainment. In 2016, the team created the concept of a new token, they launched the MobileGO ICO price for public to sell token and get funds for further development.

The token gives you the opportunity to participate in tournaments on the eSports platform, which recently launched its own crowdsale. MGO holders can play tournaments with each other using MGO tokens. And they are really honest. The token is based on Ethereum and WAVES protocols.

Thanks to Ethereum’s smart contracts, tournaments became decentralized. Decentralized peer-to-peer gaming — this is how the media called such opportunities.

Tournaments with the help of MGO were given the following benefits to players, esportsmen and :

  • participation of third-party organizers is excluded;
  • control of tournaments remains decentralized;
  • winners are rewarded with MGO tokens.

Crowdsale and its results

Since MobileGO ICO price was quite adequate, it attracted attention from the crypto community and collected 53 million dollars in May 2017. Soon the MobileGO team announced their new project — a global gaming ecosystem. As the creators promised, MGO tokens will be fully integrated into this ecosystem.

Thanks to an interesting product and constant developer support, MGO tokens have a great promise. Their recent wounds of 500% growth have already pleased the holders – the marketing and development teams are working perfectly.

Where can you buy MGO token by the end of 2018?

Check the following MobileGO ICO chart (December 5, 2018) with prices, according to CoinMarketCap:

MobileGo price 2018

MobileGo price 2018

The same website offers the list of exchange services where you can buy MGO tokens right now :

MobileGo markets

MobileGo markets

The further growth of MGO token is expected by most experts. Now developers are planning new promotional services. If you are interested in free giveaways of MGO tokens, you may join the airdrop of MobileGO.

The next one is going to happen on December 5 – December 19 in 2018. In order to become the rewarded participant of this MobileGO airdrop, it’s necessary to follow all social media pages and channels of the project. Also, users must retweet posts about two main releases of December. Such activity is rewarded with 1 MGO token.

If a user wants to earn more MGO tokens, 1 is given for installing GShare and earning 1 GShare Gold.

Two more MGO are shared as a free reward for the first 100 participants who will complete the mentioned above tasks.

10 users with the largest Gshare Gold balance will also get additional 6 MGO tokens on their accounts.

Anyone has a chance to get from 1 to 10 MGO tokens for free taking part in the airdrop! 


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