One of the most important virtual currencies in the market, Dash, has been added into Texcent Asia’s wallet Paycent. This will allow the virtual currency to be used by Paycent’s users – something around 36 million merchants globally. At the same time, there will be a Dash-to-Fiat instant functionality for local merchant payments.

Paycent will give the possibility to its users to buy, sell and store Dash with other virtual and fiat currencies. The information has been released on Wednesday by the company.

Nitin Gupta, Chief Operating Officer at Paycent, commented:

“One of the reservations the average day person or shop owner has with utilizing cryptocurrencies is transaction settlement times. No other digital asset can compete with Dash’s InstantSend transaction speed. Dash allows merchants the ability to receive payments instantly by a customer, making Dash one of the first entries into real-life consumer payments making it no different as if you were to swipe a credit or debit card.”

The information revealed by Paycent comes some when Dash wants to release its Evolution platform in Alpha. So as to integrate Dash into Paycent, the crypto services provider BlockCypher, helped with the blockchain development and support.

Dash Evolution Platform

Dash’s Evolution platform aims to make digital cash easy to use and accessible to everyone all over the world.

Dash’s official website reads as follows:

“Evolution’s mission is to make digital cash easy to use and access for all users, even those who aren’t technologically savvy. Anybody will be able to setup an account on the blockchain, add contacts and pay them by name. Purchases from websites or mobile apps will be simple, requiring only a single click.”

About Paycent

Paycent uses a debit-style card system that enables users to convert virtual currencies into fiat currencies almost instantly. The application is available since the beginning of 2018 and more users are embracing the platform.

Moreover, Paycent wants to become a global leader in ‘complete’ mobile and cashless transactions. Additionally, the company is building a remittance network that can be plugged into its mobile wallets for customers to transfer funds anywhere around the world.