Max Keiser, an important former Wall Street trader, wrote on Twitter on June the 19th that Bitcoin will keep growing in the near future. At the moment, the market is operating negatively with a massive drop in the majority of the virtual currencies.

Max Keiser Bullish on Bitcoin

Apparently, for Max Keiser, the famous cryptocurrency follows the trend of Bitcoin’s hashrate.

These are very promising news for an important figure in the market. About this situation, Max Keiser commented:

“My thought: The force driving hashrate – like the asset class itself – don’t fit into previous genre. The White Paper solved a problem. And it unleashed forces previously unknown and (including present day), never fully described. #Bitcoin is taking us on a ride. #BuckleUp.”

The comments he made are related to the increase in Bitcoin’s hashrate, that reached another ATH after increasing 15% from just some weeks ago. At the same time, mining difficulty has gone up as well.

This is in line with what other important influencers in the crypto world have been saying. In the future, Bitcoin could reach new all time highs. For example, John McAfee said that it will be reaching $1 million in 2020.

Markets Down

At the moment of writing this article, Bitcoin is being traded near $6,000 dollars and it is losing 10,24%, according to CoinMarketCap. Other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), EOS, Litecoin (LTC) and Monero (XMR) are registering loses between 10% and 14%.

Bitcoin is being traded on its lowest level since November in some exchanges like Bitfinex.

Apparently, the drop is related to an ordinance issued by the Japan financial regulator to several cryptocurrency exchanges.

Image Provided by Bitcoin Isle.