Some ICOs have been centred towards taking over from existing centralized social media platforms like Facebook. The most successful so far has been Steemit which introduced its own token to boost its ecosystem and allows for its content creators to get paid in STEEM coins. The project successfully launched on July 4, 2016, and during the crypto boom, reached an all-time high of $7.28. For Steem to gain adoption though, they stuck with their own coin, STEEM. However, imagine a social media platform that pays users in Bitcoin, the most dominant coin in the cryptocurrency market.

Mamby is a brand new platform that allows users to post their content including images, videos and text. The platform basically rewards users by paying them in Bitcoin depending on how many page views the post receives. The new form of payment Mamby is offering is likely to entice both crypto users and potential crypto users to become content creators on the platform. This is because Bitcoin is the most prominent name in the crypto space and because of the hype associated with Bitcoin users will flood the social media platform. This is particularly where Steemit got it wrong. Although Steemit is widely in the crypto space, that’s where it ends; adoption in the crypto space. Potential crypto users who would have wanted to earn in crypto would have likely got discouraged in registering on the platform after finding out they’d earn in STEEM, a coin they’re not familiar with.

Mamby is unique in the sense that the brand new social media platform doesn’t push the most popular content on the platform to its users. Mamby makes use of a novel artificial intelligence algorithm that shows you content based on your interests. This is a potentially great step in the social media world, as all users on Mamby have their posts viewed massively as opposed to the traditional system of bringing up only popular content on a user’s feed.

This is how Mamby’s income dashboard looks like:

Another spectacular fact about the Mamby project is that Mamby isn’t offering a token sale. This particularly due to the fact that they pay in Bitcoin, not their own token. Mamby has gone its own independent way of not creating a token among a list of several tokens we have in the crypto world. Centralized platforms like Topbuzz that have previously opted to pay content creators have had problems making international payments to various users. However, this problem is solved as Mamby utilizes BTC for its payment which has a low cost of transaction fees and can be transferred and used by every user of every nationality. The fact that Mamby chose Bitcoin as its payment option is desirable, because of its stability in the crypto market. Bitcoin is the ‘dollar’ of the crypto market and is more stable than other altcoins in terms of prices.

Mamby pays 10-100 satoshi per view, which ultimately results in 0.0001- 0.001 BTC for every 1,000 views on users’ content, 0.001- 0.01 BTC for every 10,000 views on users’ content, and 0.01-0.1 BTC for every 100,000 views on users’ content. The rates for payment is high compared to several other platforms that offer payment for views on users’ content.


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