If you’ve ever dealt with cryptocurrency in any capacity, you probably know what the terms mining and transactions mean. These terms represent two of the most important aspects of cryptocurrency, and without them it wouldn’t have a leg to stand on, much less operate in any meaningful fashion.

But, how much do you really know about the way cryptos get created and moved around?

Odds are you don’t really know as much as you think. At least as far as the important stats are concerned.

The truth is that anyone wanting to dabble in cryptocurrency simply needs to be as informed about mining and transactions as possible. You need to get into the real numbers, so to speak. The how, the where, the how much, the why – all of these pieces form the complete picture you need to make the most informed crypto related decisions possible.

But with that said, where does one go to in order to find this info? To be sure, there’s a crazy amount of information out there, seeing how many cryptos currently exist and how many people are involved in their running properly.

So, what you need is a source you can rely on for consistently accurate and relevant statistics.

And that’s where this infographic made by Bitcoinfy comes into play.

This graph will be your go to guide for the most fundamental facts about crypto mining and transactions. It’s a treasure trove of useful numbers and data that you can put to practical use. And there’s all kinds of information to learn here – everything you ought to know about these topics, and much more.

To make it even more practical, the folks at Bitcoinfy went the extra mile to present all of this valuable knowledge in a wonderfully condensed, straight to the point manner. This makes it both easy to navigate and remember everything it shows you.

So, without further ado, here’s 52 facts about crypto mining and transactions that you simply have to know.