A Newshub journalist was scammed by a Twitter account posing as Elon Musk offering free cryptocurrencies.

Scammed Journalism

In the last few hours, after Elon Musk’s polemic of having accused one of the child rescuers in Thailand of being a ‘pedo’, the news portal Newshub issued a statement saying that the tycoon was offering cryptocurrencies as a form of apology to the community.

The controversy between Elon Musk and Vernon Unsworth, a British diver who was part of the rescue corps of children trapped in the caves of Thailand, began a few days ago when Unsworth denounced Musk’s actions to rescue the children with a submarine as a publicity stunt, as the rescue corps claimed to have the whole situation under control.

The CEO of SpaceX and Tesla later defended himself against the complaint by calling Unsworth a ‘pedo’ for wanting to spend more time with the children. Which unleashed the community’s fury against Musk.

Finally, Musk apologized for all that had happened, both to the community and to Unsworth himself.

However, Newshub trying to communicate the controversial news made a mistake by being the victim of a cryptos scam. The portal posted a note in which at the end of it it stated that Elon Musk offered cryptocurrencies as part of his apologies for the misunderstandings.

Error Newshub Crypto Elon Musk

Newshub’s Note Error

Fortunately, it wasn’t long before his editorial staff finally realized the mistake and were able to correct it. However, the Twitter community did not miss this opportunity to highlight the levels of abuse that the cryptos social media scam has reached.

Cryptos Social Media Scams

If anything has affected the cryptocurrency market in recent months it is its own fame. This is because when it becomes popular, it is better known to fraudsters who will misuse it.

Yesterday there was a campaign of denunciation by the community on Twitter. Where the platform was required to take action against cryptocurrency scams. The hashtag #SaveTwitter was the protagonist and several important personalities joined in the complaints.

Among some of the names that came to light yesterday with this denunciation were Charlie Shrem, Changpeng Zhao, Charles Hoskinson, among others.