We bet you’ve heard it a million times over already – you’ve missed the hype train and investing in cryptocurrencies now is no longer such a profitable option as it once was. And sure, this is true to some extent as you can no longer buy about $500 worth of Bitcoin and expect to see a return on investment ranging in thousands of dollars in just a few weeks.

However, this does not mean that investing in cryptocurrencies is something that’s no longer financially viable.

While there are speculations out there that cryptocurrencies as a concept are dangerously close to collapsing, the truth is that the crypto market has never been in such a great shape. Taking that into account, investing in cryptos is as smart of a financial move as it ever was – you just need to make sure you’re investing in the right cryptocurrencies, of course.

The infographic you’ll find below analyses the current state of the crypto market by examining a total of the 26 most prominent cryptocurrencies. Among other things, the infographic also shows just how different each of the world’s leading cryptocurrencies is. They all have different price tags, names, caps, markets, founders, user bases, functionalities, etc. In fact, the only thing they share is that they are all run on a blockchain-based framework.

Every single currency on the list is a great investment option. Some of them will obviously require more money than others, but you probably can’t go wrong with investing into any of them. Just make sure you’re as well-informed as possible before you actually start purchasing anything as you need to know what you’re getting yourself into.


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