In an interview with The Economic Times, Michelle Peluso, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at International Business Machines Corp. (IBM), announced that the future of marketing in the world, as we know it, will improve dramatically with upcoming implementations in artificial intelligence and blockchain technology.

IBM Confident About Blockchain Technology

Peluso took the opportunity to announce that IBM is already working with blockchain technology from a macro project in the accounting of a company based in Armonk-NY. In this project, the company seeks to place all expenses and other third parties of the commercial activity within the blockchain.


It is now a reality that today’s CMOs must rely more on artificial intelligence and data to make better decisions about delivery campaign plans. The budget for marketing campaigns has always been fixed. Usually, you work on an annual plan to get a budget that looks convincing. But sooner than ever that can change.

With the implementation of blockchain technology, you can reach the budget update or correction in months, weeks or even days if you want. Marketing is becoming an increasingly data-driven science, which will make marketing capital investment more agile just by knowing the movement in the audience at the moment, which in turn will lead to more competitive campaigns and, of course, fewer budget losses.

Artificial intelligence is made to optimize budget usage and also to engage with the customer. Blockchain, for its part, can improve transparency, eliminate intermediaries and know better where to place ads.

Image Provided by Wikimedia Commons