recently proudly announced that was reopened. was initially registered in 2010 when Bitcoin was trading for under 25 cents. FreeBitcoin’s goal is to be helpful not only for new 2020 users but also for 2010 Bitcoiners. is now proud to announce that they have begun shipping free stickers to anyone that asks!

Stickers are shipped confidentiality in plain privacy envelopes. Shipping addresses are not saved and deleted after use. PO Boxes are OK, and names are not required.

Users are instructed to fill out their information on

Steven Steiner from had this to say “We are excited to give cryptocurrency fans something they can hold in their hands and at a price that anyone in the world can afford. (free)”

If you know of a cryptocurrency that would be a good potential for, please contact us.

This Press Release was written by Steven Steiner, CEO of and President of My LLC.

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