Renowned business media outlet, Forbes, has entered a new partnership with a blockchain-based platform, Civil, in a move that would see Forbes publishing its content on a decentralized network.

Forbes Content Management System

Making the announcement on its official blog account, Civil’s co-founder, Matt Coolidge, stated that the International news outlet would be integrating into its own content management system (also called CMS), Civil’s choice software. What is the implication of this? Coolidge revealed that the new development, kick-starting with the New Year, would allow journalists to transfer their data to the Civil network, while also posting simultaneously onto Forbes’ ubiquitous website.

The recent development is not ready to be employed fully on all services, as Forbes plans to integrate slowly, while also evaluating its performance to influence future decisions. According to Axios, the process would only be applied to news items that are related to cryptocurrencies, and subsequent integration of the blockchain platform would be dependent on the performance of the initial project.

Forbes has a vast network of contributors, and the integration of decentralized solutions might just be the right step forward. According to Axios’ report, Forbes would be joining different establishments on the use of smart contracts to help authors for the business outlet publish their articles onto Forbes’ content management system, while also sharing them on popular platforms such as Medium and LinkedIn.

Forbes’ choice to opt for blockchain integration was not only based on an improved CMS but also the important guarantee of zero-alterations. Coolidge acknowledged that the use of a decentralized platform could help the media to ensure no third party can change, remove or alter one’s content.

While Forbes’ would be the major whale that Civil currently has in agreement, the platform does have its own brief history with the press. Associated Press (AP), has likewise entered into a partnership with Civil to ensure the blockchain is used effectively in protecting intellectual rights, content usage tracking, and the promotion of honorable journalism.


Image provided by Pixabay.