There are many websites that are reporting about cryptocurrencies, news, prices, but… which one to chose? Well, there are just a few unique sites with great tools and features, FAWS is one of these sites.

What is FAWS?

FAWS is one of the most known and respected cryptocurrency news aggregators in the market. But it has some special features that make of it very unique.

As soon as the visitor enters the site, FAWS will be displaying the latest news from important cryptocurrency-related sites. It has a nice and professional interface with a dark background and white and grey letters that make the perfect contrast for the viewer. The reader can click on a specific article, and more information about it will appear. If the visitor is interested, he will be able to open the article in a new tab.



This is very intuitive and straightforward. Additionally, users can give a like to the articles the like the most, and check whether it is related to BTC or other virtual currency in the market. The hour is also displayed on the left side of the title of the post.

With FAWS crypto enthusiasts are also able to build a portfolio with the virtual currencies they like the most. In this way, they will have the chance to check how they have been performing in the market, plan new investments, and take important decisions.

This is a tool that can be combined with the news service. As soon as the user read the news, it can be managing its portfolio in the same platform.

FAWS allows visitors to define which sources they want to see on the news feed. For example, they may like to read news from one site, but not from another. This is why FAWS gives users the possibility to change the news sources that are displayed on the main site. It is important to mention that other news aggregators do not allow for it.

But the interesting fact is that FAWS has also an integration with the most important crypto-related companies in the market. For example, Stratis, Komodo, Ethereum, Dash, Ethereum, etc. Users are able to receive in their news feed, the latest information about these important projects in the crypto community.

Without using FAWS, visitors need to wait until an important news outlet would cover the information other platforms release, or check all these projects to see whether they uploaded a press release or not. With this platform, users can read the latest press releases before anybody else.

FAWS News Sources

If all of these features were not enough, the team behind FAWS decided to include information about the most important virtual currencies in the market. It has a special section that shows all the cryptocurrencies available, their current price, market capitalization, change in the last 24 hours, and trading volume.

Furthermore, readers and investors can always choose the virtual currencies they want to see. For example, they select only the currencies that they have in their watch list, or marked as favourites.

Additionally, at all times, the site displays the prices in dollars – or BTC – of the most important digital currencies in the footer. That’s very useful because users do not need to change between screens to have the prices of the cryptocurrencies, but they have everything integrated in one place.

FAWS Cryptocurrencies

Finally, one of the most important features of the FAWS platform is that it allows users to set up alerts about their favourites virtual currencies. For example, if an investor wants to be notified when Ethereum reaches $750 dollars, then they will be able to set up an alert. FAWS will send a message to the desktop, via SMS or email.


FAWS is one of the most important cryptocurrency news aggregators in the market, and it has many different functionalities for its users and visitors. If an investor or crypto follower is interested in having all the latest news, prices, and information in one place FAWS is definitely one of the best platforms out there.