The controversial cryptocurrency figure, Roger Ver, said that the ‘flippening’ between Bitcoin and Ethereum will occur during the current year. He explains that technologically superior coins will overtake Bitcoin.

Roger Ver Says Ethereum Will Overtake Bitcoin

Roger Ver, says that Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin Cash will one day overtake bitcoin to become the world’s most important cryptocurrencies. But Ether will do that first.

According to what he told The Independent, the once known as ‘Bitcoin Jesus’, explained that virtual currencies with superior technology will surpass bitcoin value in the coming months and years.

Mr. Ver said:

“BCH is the same version of bitcoin that everyone fell in love with and used from 2009 until 2017. It has the same economic code that led to it becoming a worldwide phenomenon. I’m sure that formula will continue to work for BCH into the future, and it will surpass BTC in usage, popularity, and market cap in the near future.”

At the moment of writing this article, Ethereum is the second most important virtual currency in the market with $68 billion market capitalization. Bitcoin is the first one with $147 billion dollars’ market value.

Back in June 2017, Ethereum was very near to overtake Bitcoin as the most important cryptocurrency in the market. Bitcoin keeps being the leader with 36% of the total market, Ethereum owns 17% and Bitcoin Cash 6%.

In February 2017, Bitcoin owned 85% of the market, and just 5 months ago, this value was around 60%.

There are new cryptocurrencies with different proposals, but only one will be able to dominate the market. Until now it has always been Bitcoin. But it is not clear what the future will present us.