DopeRaider ( is a smart ass contract multiplayer RPG about underground drug business in a world with a unique economy.

Players begin their life as a Narco with a individual skill-set, some basic consumables and a home in one of the seven districts – each with a culture and advantage of their own.

No Ordinary Collectibles

Unlike many of the collectible ‘games’ out there, DopeRaider is an active strategy game with real in-game multiplayer actions.

By performing actions, Narcos can earn more respect, opening up more possibilities like buying better equipment, changing identity and recruiting new Narcos.

Narcos can make their living (real ETH) by growing weed, processing cocaine, trading product at district markets or by raiding each other.

Professional Crypto Gaming

This simple premise combined with a solid supply/demand economic design driving the markets – this game sees itself as a platform for professional bounty hunters to make a real living in crypto gaming.

All ETH raised from district activities like travelling, raiding or producing dope is used to fund the local drug pots. Sales of consumables like gas, ammo or upgrade items like guns are used to keep the district economies afloat.

By using ETH as the in-game currency, DopeRaider doesn’t need to create a yet another ICO or token sale.

District dope prices vary depending on how much is available for sale (Supply) by the local Narcos (their combined stash). When a lot of dope enters an area, the price will fall. When it leaves, the price will rise.

This creates a lot of opportunity for profit. Players can watch the district markets and pick the best arbitrage opportunities, just like real markets.

No Lengthy Roadmap

DopeRaider is doing things differently, and sees itself as a cocky antidote to the endless fundraising and interminable roadmaps with that are the hallmark of many crypto games.

DopeRaider is not intended to be an investors club – the philosophy has been to make the system first, then release and build community.

The team believe in the economy and gameplay enough that it will be self-sustaining.


DopeRaider is the ultimate gum for the millennial crypto psyche. Mixing up professional gaming, crypto strategy and risky content, this game isn’t a cutesy toy like many others.

DopeRaider takes not taking the blockchain seriously, seriously. A cult classic before it’s even launched!

DopeRaider will launch on Ethereum mainnet on Friday 6th July 23:00 UTC. Respect!