Many of the crypto signal groups offer fraudulent services, while making promises of everything they can do to multiply your capital. For this reason, it is best to look for a reliable signal service with proven effectiveness like CryptoSignals.

This group of signals is made up of professionals who dedicated the time necessary to build an initiative and increase the performance of their signals, thus giving their users the best-assisted trading experience for high volume markets like Binance.

What is CryptoSignals?

CryptoSignals is a signal service for cryptocurrencies that works through a private channel on Telegram which you can access and receive signals after paying for the membership. The trading group team has been in general trading for 10 years and specialized in cryptocurrencies in 2015. Thus they have forged a solid experience that delivers consistent results every week.

CryptoSignals profit rates are what have made the initiative grow. At the same time, there’s a community of users who have not only obtained benefits from their investment but have also learned to manage the crypto market.

CryptoSignals Review

What kind of signals does CryptoSignals provide?

CryptoSignals is currently focusing on signals for the Binance, BitMEX and Bybit exchanges. In some cases they issue more than 4 signals a day. Since the signals are sent through a private channel in Telegram, it is recommended to put a special tone to the messages that arrive in the CryptoSignals group. This will allow you to see the setup in time and position your orders at the exact entry point.

It is worth mentioning that these signals can also be used in other platforms. This would reduce their accuracy. But traders from different platforms can benefit from CryptoSignals.

The signals include a long list of trading pairs, including Bitcoin and multiple altcoins available on the aforementioned exchanges, so it is possible to profit on trades with different digital assets with large profit percentages. In addition, CryptoSignals supports automated trading through Cornix, a trading bot that you can configure to place orders in the market on its own when an opportunity is detected. That’s great, isn’t it? 

CryptoSignals is currently available in more than 180 countries around the world. It also offers its services non-stop every day, taking advantage of the fact that the cryptocurrency market is active 24/7. This is one of the most exciting things about virtual currencies. The team behind CryptoSignals is also offering great customer support. They speak in different languages and do not have a problem to help you setting up trades. 

Some More Features

Although you can trade just Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptos, CryptoSignals offers signals for several digital assets. That means that you will have an opportunity to trade hundreds of pairs. Leaving the comfort zone can be certainly positive. You can also trade Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC) and XRP.

Furthermore, CryptoSignals offers users with the possibility to trade with leverage. Although this can be risky, it also allows users to have a larger exposure to the market.

How to join CryptoSignals?

To join CryptoSignals you can visit their official website and choose any of the two memberships available for new members: Monthly and Annual Membership.

  • To subscribe with the monthly membership, you will have to pay $ 99 USD each month and you can finalize the payment details through the CryptoSignals Support channel.
  • If you subscribe with the annual membership, the price to pay will be $ 1999 each year and you will get free signals every day from January to December. As with the previous option, you will be redirected to the customer support group to complete the payment.

The CryptoSignals team keeps working to offer the best trading signals service. They are also working so as to expand the premium channel to even more countries. Considering that cryptocurrency trading has become more popular over the years, we can look forward to an optimal development of this signal provider for the future. CryptoSignals can be used by beginner and intermediate traders. They both can learn about new setups and profitable strategies.