Crypto cities have been expanding all over the world. Massive growth in crypto business hubs has been observed across different cities of the world. The growth is partly due to the ever-growing interest in digital currencies and tokens. Governments around the world have varying levels of regulation towards Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Crypto Cities

Countries renowned for their ease of doing business such as Switzerland and Singapore have adopted cryptocurrencies easily. These countries also have crypto-friendly rules and regulations. This has led to a significant increase in a number of cryptocurrency-related businesses across their territory.

On the other hand, countries having a less friendly crypto regulatory environment have not witnessed any growth in the number of cryptocurrency businesses. Cryptocurrencies offer more protection from inflation and are thus more widely adopted In countries like Venezuela where fiat currencies are not stable.

The Leading Crypto Cities: Prague and Buenos Aires

Czech Republic capital Prague has the most number of Bitcoin-accepting vendors in the world. This has resulted in Prague becoming one of the most important Bitcoin centres in Europe. It also hosted one of the largest cryptocurrency and blockchain-related conference in Europe.

Bitcoin coffee is an espresso bar located in Prague where the only accepted mode of payment is Bitcoin. The second apartment in the world which was paid for using cryptocurrency is located in Prague. It was bought by a Russian citizen for 35 Bitcoins in November 2017.

Buenos Aires comes second to Prague and is home to the second-highest number of cryptocurrency businesses in the world. The Buenos Aires Institute of Technology is a private university which offers a diploma course in blockchain and cryptocurrencies. On April 10, 2018, Bitcoin day was celebrated throughout Argentina. A conference was held in Buenos Aires which was attended by more than 500 cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiasts.

These are just some of the largest crypto cities all over the world.

Top Crypto Cities in the world report

Top 10 Crypto Cities with Cryptocurrency Businesses

Crypto Cities: Music, Knowledge and Tokens

San Francisco has over 100 businesses accepting Bitcoin. The first-ever music festival to be powered by blockchain is scheduled for launch in San Francisco. The ‘Our Music Festival’ plans to launch the OMF token which would be their own digital token. The OMF token is being developed on the ethereum network. San Francisco is also notable for the Crypto Castle, a meeting place for bitcoin entrepreneurs. It is a site where crypto enthusiasts interact and share information about cryptocurrencies and blockchain startups.

Bitcoin and Litecoin

Bitcoin and Litecoin coins

Madrid and New York also have more than a 100 crypto businesses each. The European University of Madrid also offers a postgraduate diploma in Bitcoin and blockchain. New York is a great hub for people looking to learn more about blockchain. It holds one of the biggest events of a cryptocurrency called ‘blockchain week New York’. The event is held every year from May 11 to May 17.

The Most Friendly Crypto Cities

Amsterdam is one of the most crypto and Bitcoin-friendly cities. Amsterdam hosts the worlds first Bitcoin Boulevard which is a shopping complex near The Hague where all merchants accept Bitcoin. The Boulevard originally comprised of nine restaurants and an art gallery but since then more merchants have joined. Amsterdam is certainly among the best Crypto Cities all over the world.

Amsterdam also offers unique boat events, where boats are available for rent via Bitcoin for parties or other activities. The city is also host to the Bitcoin Embassy where crypto enthusiasts can come to learn more about Bitcoin and blockchain. The embassy can hold 50 people and is used for prominent events related to blockchain and cryptocurrencies. The Embassy also contains a Bitcoin Cafe, a Bitcoin Box Shop and a Bitcoin Restaurant.

Bogota is a great location to learn and invest in Bitcoin. With a huge number of businesses accepting Bitcoin and a lot of events happening frequently, Bogota is rapidly growing in the crypto market. Botogta shows crypto cities are expanding in Latin America.

Vancouver is also very invested in the crypto market. Vancouver hosted the crypto assets conference on February 13, 2018. The main theme of the conference was the rise of cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

Impact of cryptocurrency on top European Crypto Cities

London is at the top of the cryptocurrency market in the UK. It has more Bitcoin ATMs and retailers accepting Bitcoin than any other city in the United Kingdom. The London School of Economics offers a certified course on cryptocurrency. Many other institutions in London and the UK offer similar courses. The first Bitcoin funded play, titled ‘Silk Road’ is going to be hosted in London between August 7 and September 1, 2018.

Paris is the first city in Europe with a Bitcoin Centre, called ‘La Maison du Bitcoin’. This is an establishment for crypto enthusiasts and entrepreneurs to meet and discuss cryptocurrencies and blockchain. The centre holds information about various Bitcoin-related startups and companies. The goal of this centre is to further Bitcoins mainstream appeal. Paris is famous for its artistic heritage. It houses a gallery where people can buy art exclusively with Bitcoin.

Crypto businesses are increasing worldwide due to the rapid adoption of cryptocurrencies. The crypto market will continue to rise as more governments across the world accept cryptocurrencies.

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