The cryptocurrency news market is full of information which sometimes can be confusing. It is difficult for individuals to find a good news site and even if they are able, there are not so many interesting news to read about.

What is CryptoControl and its CryptoNewsApp?

CryptoControl is one of the most innovative cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin news aggregators in the market. It allows its visitors to track the most important cryptocurrency news form more than 1000 different sources. Additionally, it allows investors to create and manage their own portfolio.

The CryptoControl platform is substantially different from other virtual currency news sites. The first point to mention is has a non-traditional interface which is very intuitive and professional at the same time. Indeed, the site is known as the ‘Google-News for Crypto,’ which means that the team has been hard working to deliver a high-quality product and service to the market.

The main page is represented by a heatmap with different colours that represent a specific category in the cryptocurrency world. For example, blockchain news is in red, ICOs in green, government news in blue, and so on.

CryptoControl Feed

Each article is represented by a square that varies in size according to the impact of the information. Those biggest squares are related to breaking news, important events, or trending information. At the same time, the smaller squares are related to less important news. Those titles with darker colours are related to older articles and information.

This interesting feature has been developed with the help of an Artificial Intelligence system that segregates the posts in the categories mentioned before.

Nowadays, there is no individual or crypto user without a smartphone in his pocket. Technology expands, news flow and the telephone is a key tool for being in touch with the latest trends in the market. And CryptoControl was able to develop a smartphone application for both Android users or iOS lovers.

Today, it is quite difficult to find a good quality application that helps visitors follow the latest news in the market and be informed at all times. But CryptoControl has been growing and reaching many more readers worldwide.

The site offers a premium service that costs INR 199 per month ($2.91) or INR 999 ($14.6) per year. The founder of Crypto Control is known as Steven Enamakel, who lives in Mumbai and has experience in other technological start-ups. We can mention and Kuwait & Me.

Until now, the platform has been very successful and is one of the most used crypto news aggregators in the market because of its distinctive characteristics and professional background.


CryptoControl is a very attractive cryptocurrency news platform that features the latest news and information from the virtual currency ecosystem. Powered by AI and different algorithms, it is able to feature its unique heatmap news feed which is easy to use and professional. Moreover, it has a mobile application that helps users be in touch with the market at all times.