Crypto signal groups offer market entry for each individual exchange company. Although a cryptocurrency is about to present a long (or short) opportunity, these channels will give you the complete setup to place orders on a specific trading platform.

The performance achieved in these trades will depend on the accuracy that each group has with its signals. At the end of the day, what matters is the number of successful movements, thus giving users satisfactory results. For this reason, we have put together a list of the best crypto signal groups for the Binance cryptocurrency exchange.

  1. Altsignals

Altsignals is currently the leader in trading signals for Binance as its performance has reached an 86% win rate (more than any other group of signals out there). The trades indicated by Altsignals have given users profits from 5% to more than 30%, maintaining a positive profitability of the invested funds.

Altsignals‘ performance with Binance in May reached 86% in earnings for the Spot and Futures market. This is staggering considering that most crypto signal groups barely offer gains of just over 50%.

  1. Crypto classics

Crypto Classics has also emerged as a serious provider through many successful signals. The specialty of this group is that it knows how to calm the emotions of its users exceptionally well, which can be very convenient considering that psychology is the most important part of trading.

This group emits several signals daily and provides several targets for different possible entries, since not all users place an order at the same price. By managing sound risk management and specifying the size of each position, Crypto Classics cares for your funds while making you earn money.

  1. Fat Pig Signals

Fat Pig Signals is a group with a community of 8k users and particular precision for Binance signals. In addition to providing these signals, the group also has specialized charts for each cryptocurrency with clear indicators, which clearly explains what is about to happen in the market.

They provide around 2-3 signals a day and maintain a high level of profit among their users. These signals not only apply to the Binance Spot market, but also to margin. Plus, the Fat Pig Signals team is always active and willing to address concerns.

  1. Pro Crypto Signals

Pro Crypto Signals is a Telegram group that has been operational since 2018 and its success rate is enviable. It has provided its members with some 2,000 signals in less than two years of operation.

The service provides signals in the short, medium and long term, thus providing a wide range of options for users looking to trade and take advantage of this activity.

The signal ratio is quite consistent (almost 100 a month), since it provides a great variety for the different types of traders who want to join their service.

  1. Verified Crypto Traders

VCT consists of a strong community and good daily signals for good user performance. The service offers signals primarily for Binance, although it also includes financial advice for Bittrex and BitMEX.

Users have talked about an even higher level of accuracy in platinum subscription, so if it’s possible to spread out a slightly bigger investment, it’s a good option to try it out. In addition, the service allows you to use trading with bots. In addition, it also offers live trading support and webinars, in order to improve the knowledge of its members about trading and cryptocurrencies.