UpBots is a trading marketplace for cryptocurrencies and traditional markets. The team behind UpBots claims that the platform is the first complete cryptocurrency marketplace.

UpBots aims to become the preferred trading platform for both first-time traders and experienced traders, bringing together a plethora of services which were previously not available to traders. The UpBots platform has a low learning curve making it easy to understand. The platform also has a number of features like risk management tools, trading bots and trading courses. 

The large selection of training material available on the platform allows first-time traders to learn and grow, all at a pace that they are comfortable with. The more seasoned traders and investors can benefit from the platform’s in-depth resources. UpBots has both a mobile platform and a web platform, both of which are blockchain-based.

Users can choose between various tools and strategies that are available to them, and for those users who are a bit more hands-on and create their own algorithms, the algo platform also has a bot creator section where users can create new algorithms. Users can rent out successful bots and UpBots social copy tool offers a bridge between new traders and established ones. 

UpBots is Taking a Unique Approach to Algorithmic and Social Trading 

UpBots is a unique platform in the trading space. Existing platforms offer a few basic tools, which can be used on limited exchanges and platforms. The UpBots platform offers basic tools for beginners and more advanced trading tools for the experienced crypto trader. This trading tool can also be integrated with wallets, centralized and decentralized exchanges, this integration allows a seamless trading experience. 

UpBots user-interface 

The UpBots platform has a user-friendly interface. It is sleek, interactive and easy to navigate around, and has all the functionalities that traders would want. Quick access buttons help users navigate around easily helping them check the balance in their wallets, view their active bots and rented algorithms. The dashboard also doubles up as the homepage and the layout is focused on easy access to all available functionalities. Users can perform multiple actions directly from the dashboard. 


Users of the UpBots platform have access to trading bots. This platform hopes that the trading bots will be able to help traders with their trading strategy. All users have to do is activate the bots, set the parameters that they want (entry and exit points, when to take profits and when to stop losses). Once these parameters are set, users can sit back and the bot will trade for them. Later releases of the UpBots platform will enable users to create their own bots by following a simple guide. 

Portfolio management 

Traders can keep track of their portfolio on different exchanges through the UpBots platform. The UpBots platform has several powerful tools that allow traders to monitor their portfolio by providing them with real-time updates on their balances. This feature is currently supported by Binance, FTX and the BitMex cryptocurrency exchanges.

Once the performance tracker of this platform is completed users will be able to access multiple facilities from the platform making trading on cryptocurrency exchanges easier. Users will be able to launch manual trades on supported cryptocurrency exchanges directly from the UpBots platform. 

The UpBots marketplace

The UpBots marketplace is a unique feature of the platform which allows for the trading of algorithms and bots. This feature will be especially beneficial for new traders as they will be able to utilize proven algorithms and bots by leasing them through the marketplace. 

How will the marketplace work? Initially, only Algorithms and bots developed by the team behind this platform and its partners will be available on the platform. The marketplace will be opened to users as well to lease or sell their algorithms and bots, however, this second step will take place in the future.

Fees will be charged only when the users earn profits through trading using the bots they have leased. UpBots is also working on features like copy trading, power swaps, signal providers and staking. All of these features are under development and are scheduled to be released on the platform in 2021. 

Algo Bots 

Algo Bots enables users to build, rent and access signal bots through the UpBots marketplace. Users can leverage these to unlock a profitable and hassle-free trading experience. Users will be able to rent Algo Bots rent-free, and will have to pay the rental fees only if they make profitable trades through the bots.

This accomplishes two things, pushes new traders to use bots for their trades and pushes developers to build efficient bots that can carry out the trades predetermined. This platform also allows bot creation through a simple, intuitive development interface. This feature is useful for those users who do not wish to rent bots developed by other users.

The platform allows users to create their own bots without needing to have any prior programming language experience. The bots can be configured through a number of preset options. You can trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. This platform also lets new traders who are inexperienced in trading use tried and tested trading strategies, developed by experienced traders through its signal marketplace. 


UpBots has definitely showcased itself as a next-generation platform that fulfils the trading needs of novice traders and experienced traders. The platform already boasts of a plethora of features and with more features under development for release in 2021, users can expect UpBots to create a powerful and secure trading ecosystem.