There are many countries around the world that are using blockchain technology to improve their services. We can mention Switzerland, Chile or Netherlands, among others. To this list we can add the Argentinian province known as Córdoba.

Blockchain Technology Embraced in Córdoba

By embracing blockchain technology, Córdoba’s province wants to increase its governmental efficiency and reduce bureaucracy. Something similar to what other important enterprises do when they adopt distributed ledger technology (DLT). The main purpose is to store and track the origin of some files and improve citizens’ trust in the public government.

Andrés Vázquez, Director at Cordoba’s Municipality, commented:

“After working very hard around governmental transparency, we consider that the municipality must be in charge of the security and storing of public data. This is a topic that it is not in the agenda of most of the municipalities of the country, but due to the advanced level that we have regarding data, our office is ready to embrace those challenges.”

The province will be working with Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), the two most important blockchain networks in the market. At the same time, and in order to have even better control of the data, the municipality decided to store copies of the documents in external servers. Moreover, individuals can download all the information through the govenrment’s official site.

In order to implement this system, the province will be working with three important companies in the blockchain and technology sector known as Signatura, Qubistry and Ayi & Asociados.

In the future, the intention is to keep adding more and more information to the public records. In their official website will be uploaded a step-by-step guide about how to search information on the blockchain.

“Blockchain technology implementation in Cordoba’s Municipality aims to avoid this or future governments to modify or eliminate critic data that has already been published,” explains Mr. Vázquez. “Other organizations will have the possibility to audit what we publish.”

Córdoba a Fin-Tech Hub

Córdoba, located in the center of Argentina, has a very active crypto and blockchain community. It has it’s own Bitcoin association, there is a crypto-related radio show every single day in one of the most important radios in the province, and more.

Additionally, Córdoba has been selected by IBM to give a conference about new technologies and cryptocurrencies. The event took place at the Universidad Tecnológica Nacional (UTN).

Additionally, one of the most important blockchain platforms in the market, NEM, has decided to select Córdoba as its hub in Latin America and Argentina. Back in February, the first meeting took place between developers and other crypto-experts.