It can be very difficult to find the best sites about cryptocurrencies, bitcoin and blockchain technology. Information in the crypto-world is flowing at all times and each moment is precious to be informed about the latest news in the market.

But what about visiting a website that aggregates the most important news in the cryptocurrency world in just one place? Well, we are talking about CoinSpectator.

What is CoinSpectator?

CoinSpectator is one of the most important real-time news aggregation platforms that helps traders, enthusiasts and interested individuals to monitor market signals and price.

Launched in 2013, CoinSpectator has grown exponentially from being a humble cryptocurrency blog, to become a market leader keeping informed everyone in the crypto-sphere.

Since it started operating, CoinSpectator has featured more than 96,000 news pieces, 24,000 project updates, 39,000 influencer comments, 127 press releases, 30,000 articles, 230,000 discussion topics, 3,000 videos, and 9,000 exchange updates.

At the moment, the site offers exposure to crypto and blockchain-related projects to tens of thousands of crypto enthusiasts and investors. Moreover, CoinSpectator offers ICO listings, article and press release submissions and banner slot advertising.

How Does It Work?

The page is very simple to use and it features a user-friendly interface. In the middle of the screen, users will be able to see the news feed – which is the most important part of the site. The latest articles of the sites featured by CoinSpectator, will appear there.

Investors will have privileged access to the latest trends in the market and will know why the prices fluctuate unexpectedly, up or down.

Each article featured will have the title, how long time ago has been published, and which page has written it. Additionally, users are able to hit a ‘like’ or ‘dislike’ button located on the left side of the title of the article. Each post will have a specific icon that indicates whether a post is trending, positive, negative or neutral.

As soon as the visitor clicks the tab of a specific article, on the right side of the screen will appear the text and image of that particular post. It is not necessary to enter the site, but instead, you can only read the article there.

The footer of the site includes the most important virtual currencies in the market, their price and fluctuation in the last hour.

If the visitor prefers, it can also filter the posts according to their topics, including ICOs, Exchanges, Project, News, Discussions, Influencers, and Videos. In addition to it, the most interested users, are able to subscribe to the platform, which will give them the possibility to receive the latest news, important information like events, and articles about Initial Coin Offerings.


CoinSpectator allows individuals to have a fast outlook about the latest news in the virtual currency market. They will be able to understand why some unexpected price fluctuations occur, they will know about the latest ICOs, and they will have a summary of the most important news in the crypto-world.