Cryptocurrency and ICO listings website CoinCodex has launched a re-design which not only makes the user experience smoother but also expands on the website’s set of features.

While the look of CoinCodex has been refreshed, we believe that the visual changes are subtle enough that the re-designed website will feel like home to our loyal users. Our popular features such as the watchlist and the portfolio have retained the same functionality, with minor cosmetic upgrades.

On the frontpage, users can now add additional parameters to customize the data that is displayed – if you wish, you can now simultaneously view how the coins on the frontpage have performed in up to three separate timeframes.

Those who prefer keeping up with the crypto market after dark will welcome the addition of the night mode color scheme, which can be activated by clicking the lightbulb icon on the top right of the website. Next to it, you will also find a convenient calculator that can be used to quickly determine what an amount of any given cryptocurrency is worth in fiat currency terms.

When you click on any specific coin, you can now add any other coin to its chart for quick comparisons. For each coin, we now also display its all-time high price to give more context to the data.

The ICO section has been expanded to contain a wealth of information, including token distribution, external ratings, information about each separate stage of the token sale, bonuses and bounties. Our expanded ICO search functionality allows you to find ICOs that fit a set of specific parameters you deem important.

Each cryptocurrency and ICO page now features a real-time news feed, sourcing information from social media and cryptocurrency-specific websites, making it incredibly easy to stay on top of the action for the coins and projects that are the most relevant for you.

Our news section has been completely redesigned and now offers a much more convenient experience to our readers. The most relevant news are now featured more prominently, so it’s impossible to miss the most important stories from the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain.

The new and improved market overview section gives you a bird’s eye view of the cryptocurrency market, allowing you to track the total crypto market capitalization and Bitcoin dominance over time and compare how different coins have performed over any given time period.

Last, but certainly not least, is our new alerts feature. If you believe that a specific price point is particularly important for a cryptocurrency of your choice, you can now easily set up an e-mail alert that will be sent whenever the price of the selected coin crosses a certain threshold.

CoinCodex sources data from more than 110 exchanges to bring you real-time price and volume information on more than 3,400 cryptocurrencies, and our extensive ICO database contains more than 1,500 projects. With the improvements brought by CoinCodex 2.0, we believe our website offers an unparalleled user experience for anyone who wants to stay up to date with the cryptocurrency market.







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