Important car makers, BMW, Renault, General Motors, and Ford, are working together to explore possible uses of blockchain technology in the automotive industry. In this way, more companies start using and trying distributed ledger technology.

Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative – MOBI

MOBI is being launched on May the 5th, 2018, to make transportation ‘safer, more affordable, and more widely accessible using blockchain technology.” The initiative has over 30 members that include Bosch, Hyperledger, IBM, IOTA, and many others.

Blockchain has the possibility to change the way industries work. In this case, transportation services could be drastically transformed by using distributed ledger technology.

MOBI will be working on data tracking, supply management, consumer finance, pricing and ride-sharing systems.

Chris Ballinger, MOBI’s CEO commented in a statement:

“Blockchain and related trust enhancing technologies are poised to redefine the automotive industry and how consumers purchase, insure and use vehicles. By bringing together automakers, suppliers, startups, and government agencies, we can accelerate adoption for the benefit of businesses, consumers and communities.”

There are different use cases that MOBI wants to pay attention to: digital identity, history location, supply chain, congestion fees, autonomous machine payments, commerce platforms, carbon pricing, ride sharing, and pollution taxes.

Dave Luce, Data Delivery and Integration at Toyota Motor Sales North America, is the COO of MOBI. At the same time, Ashley Lannquist is the treasurer. Some of the advisors are Brian Behlendorf, Jamie Burke, Dan Harple, Joseph Lubin and Zaki Manian.