As the cryptocurrency market continues to expand all over the world, companies such as Bityard are offering simple and easy to use cryptocurrency exchange services to users. While using crypto platforms can be a difficult task for newcomers, Bityard is making it very simple to handle digital assets. 

The exchange has been attracting a large number of users during the last few months due to the simplicity and easy-to-use experience it offers to clients. In this article, we will make a review of the main features of this platform and why you should consider it one of the leading exchanges in terms of services and solutions to new users. 

Bityard Review

Before we continue with the Bityard review, we must understand that this is a cryptocurrency exchange that is now focusing on offering services to new crypto users. As Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies continue to grow and expand all over the world, Bityard becomes a leader for newcomers to start handling their digital currencies in a fast and easy way. 

However, this does not mean that Bityard is an exchange without features. Indeed, being an advanced and simple cryptocurrency exchange at the same time is one of the main features of this platform. 

If you are a crypto trader, you know that it is sometimes complicated to understand the interface and tools provided by the main platforms in the market. It is certainly not easy to get all the information the exchanges provide, and the whole experience ends up being certainly complicated over time. 

Example of how easy is to trade with Bityard

Bityard solves this by redesigning its exchange and focusing on simplicity. The platform aims at making it very easy for users and individuals to trade and handle digital assets. With its interface and interactive experience, the platform is now allowing you to have only the necessary information to trade virtual currencies. 

As you can see in the image below, the interface for handling digital assets using Bityard is very simple. You will have all the information about the buying and selling procedure but without the noise that other platforms such as BitMex can have. 

One of the most interesting things about this platform is related to the fact that it includes a simulated trading account where users can learn how to trade and manage orders in the market before trading with real money and funds. 

In addition to it, Bityard is offering users with the possibility to open long and short positions with USDT, the largest stablecoin in the market. This would make the whole experience even much more comfortable for individuals that want to have a higher exposure to digital assets. 

Users can perform leverage trading with a minimum margin of 5.00 USDT and leverage between 5x and 100x. This is a massive number compared to other platforms that are offering in some cases even lower leverage options. 

One of the most exciting things about Bityard is the fact that they are currently offering now KYC to withdraw up to 100,000 USDT. This is very positive and useful because many other exchanges require users to perform hard KYC controls and many of them do not even allow users to withdraw funds without the KYC information. 

To start trading users will not have issues with it. When they go to the trading platform, they will have all the information about it and it will be very easy to open a trade. They just need to log in to their accounts, select the trading pair they want to exchange and simply add the amount they want to buy or sell. If you use a market order, the trade will be executed at the market price. If you use a limit order, you can select the price at which you want to sell the currency or buy another digital asset. 

The registration process is very simple. Users will only have to select the “Get Started” option on the site and start writing their information. This includes email and password. That’s how simple Bityard is making it for users to start trading complex contracts in a fast and easy way. 

Users will not have issues to understand how to properly manage their account or how to deal with the funds they have. The experience of using this platform will be very smooth and would not cause issues to clients that want to have a seamless experience with their digital assets. 

The exchange will continue working in the coming years in order to offer a better trading platform for users and to make it even simpler than now to handle virtual currencies on a regular basis. If you need support from the site, you can get it through their multiple channels such as email, telegram and the online customer support section. 

The affiliate section is going to be definitely important at the time of choosing this platform to start trading. Individuals can promote the exchange and get rewarded for it. That means that every time you bring a new user, you can get commissions for it. 

Users can get between 5% and 60% commission with 1 to 100 sub-affiliates that will be providing extra income to users that get the most number of users.

Furthermore, there is an ongoing campaign with a 258 USDT bonus to start trading the most popular cryptocurrencies in the market. This is something exclusive to Bityard that is considered the largest and most popular cryptocurrency contracts exchange in the world. 

Bityard Goal, Mission and Regulation

Bityard aims at making the whole experience of trading and handling digital asset very easy, simple and advanced at the same time. The professional tools expert traders need remain but in a simpler and more clear way. 

Furthermore, Bityard knows which are the main needs of users and individuals that are trading and handling cryptocurrencies. Exchanges have been attacked many times in the last years and this has affected the reputation of the entire market. 

Bityard offers the highest security standards for trading digital assets with the additional plus of simplicity, which other platforms do not currently have. Users will only need a phone number to register themselves, which will make the registration process last just 30 seconds, or even less. 

Currently, Bityard is headquartered in Singapore and it has a professional team working in order to make the exchange’s trading system one of the most powerful in the world. Currently, the exchange is offering services to users from over 150 countries and regions. Europe, North America and Southeast Asia are also included. 

Furthermore, the platform holds different financial licenses that were issued by the Business Administration of Singapore (ACRA), the United States Financial Supervisory Authority (MSB), the Australian Transaction Reporting and Analysis Center (AUSTRAC) and also the Estonian Financial Regulatory Authority (MTR). 

Cryptocurrencies and Fiat Currencies Supported

Users want to have a wide range of solutions to handle their virtual currencies. That means they want to be able to deposit several cryptocurrencies (including altcoins) and fiat currencies. The mainstream digital currencies that users can deposit and handle in the platform include Bitcoin, Ethereum (ETH), XRP, Tether (USDT), Tron (TRX), Huobi Token (HT) and Chainlink (LINK). 

Users can also deposit the Chinese Yuan (CNY), Indonesian Rupiah (IDR), Vietnamese Dong (VND), and many other fiat on-ramp solutions will be added in the future as the exchange expands and reaches new regions. 

A few days ago, the platform announced the official launch of the “Innovation zone” where the following trading pairs were going to be added: ADA/USDT, XLM/USDT, XTZ/USDT, BAT/USDT and KNC/USDT. 

Brand Ambassador

The exchange is also one of the few platforms in the crypto market with a brand ambassador. Buakaw Banchamek, the recognized Thai boxing champion is the main face of the company. 

There are no other exchanges with the promotion that Bityard is having and the way in which it is currently operating int he market. This is why Bityard is considered to be a leader in the space. 


Bityard is a cryptocurrency exchange that aims at making the whole experience of handling digital assets much easier than with traditional crypto platforms. This can be seen with its easy-to-use interface and the services that it is currently offering, including margin trading. 

The platform is also allowing users to get rewards if they welcome new friends and users to the platform. The rewards can be as low as 5% and 60% for the highest level of affiliates. Moreover, there are also sub-affiliate rewards as well. 

If you want to use an intuitive and straightforward, but at the same time advanced platform, then Bityard is going to be providing you with the solutions you were searching for.