Many people want to shuffle Bitcoins today and use a large number of Bitcoin Mixer services. It has become the most effective way of making it fully anonymous.

As much as Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization and trust, it lacks behind in anonymity. First, the transactions are stored on a public chin. This means anyone with a full block can track your transactions and link to your real identity.

Secondly, when you use Bitcoin to buy something, you may be required to provide your real delivery address which can be traced.

This makes Bitcoin pseudo-anonymous. You cannot use them as freely as you want.

But what if you don’t want anyone to know how you are using your bitcoins? No one wants to meet hackers – who are always searching to for personal data from Bitcoins transactions.

That is where Bitcoin Mixing services …

… comes in.

These are third party services not linked to bitcoin to break the connection between the inputs and outputs. Inputs in Bitcoin transactions refer to the account from which the coins are sent. And outputs refer to where the coins are received.

In simple terms, these Bitcoin mixing services, also known as Bitcoin Tumblers mix the coins from different accounts. This makes it hard for anyone to determine where the transaction originates. They therefore keep from the same lane with hackers and other unacceptable activities.  Bitcoin mixer as a trusted one.

How does it work?

Bitcoin mixers are almost the same in the way they operate. The simple steps involved in Bitcoin mixing include;

Step 1. Go to the main page and input your withdrawal address.

Step 2. Choose the amount of time you want the transaction delayed. This lets the system know when you want to forward the Bitcoins to the new address.

Step 3. Press next to continue.

Step 4. You will see the address where you need to send the original bitcoins. Click send.

Step 5. Wait for the transactions confirmation. That is all you have to do.

Bitcoin mixing is a very simple process in which the mixer takes your bitcoins and sends you new random bitcoins. The new Bitcoins come from randomly selected accounts. The new ones will have no connection to the previous account.

Upon depositing your Bitcoins, a random delay will be automatically set for you. The whole process does not require any registration, making it a secure mode to transact any amount of bitcoins.

There is a random fee applied starting from 1% to about 5%.  This makes it even harder to track the transactions.

Should you try Bitcoin mixing?

If your concern is on staying completely under the radar with your transactions, mixing services are the way to go. You can rest with peace knowing you have tackled that challenge.

There is always online data kept for every transaction you make with BTC. This is something you cannot risk especially if you are afraid of any compromise.

How many times to use Bitcoin services? That comes down to the kind of business you are doing and home much bitcoins you transact. Just note that there are some mixers who cannot be trusted. So do your due diligence.