Are you seeking a complete review of Bitcoin Mixer? In this review, you’ll discover the basic features plus the upsides and possible downsides (if there are any) to this anonymization service.

For several years now, Bitcoin Mixer has been committed to keeping the transactions of Bitcoin users anonymous and secure. It continually improves its offerings to deliver competitive mixing services.

About Bitcoin Mixer

Bitcoin Mixer is one of the leading mixing services which specialize in Bitcoin mixing. It ensures that users experience safe and protected transactions while using BTC. The goal is to break the link between the sending and receiving wallet addresses used for cryptocurrency-related transactions.

This mixing service operates a blender on its algorithm which receives the coins of several clients and mixes them in its pool. Thereafter, it releases the clean and untraceable coins from its reserves.

Why Features Make Bitcoin Mixer Reliable?

You will know a reliable mixing service by its features and uniqueness from the pack. Below are some of the key features on Bitcoin Mixer:

  • 100% Anonymity

Many tumbling services talk about anonymity but this service distinguishes itself with proof of anonymity.

Users do not require any registration to use this service and the service is legal. 

Bitcoin Mixer takes no personal data and permanently deletes all email addresses used in support forms pertaining to BTC transactions on their site after 24 hours.

Also, as soon as transactions are executed and completed, the system erases all personal information entered. This serves as a guarantee for total anonymity and transparency.

  • Reasonably Low Service Fee

Bitcoin Mixer offers randomized commission between 2% and 5% for all BTC transactions on their site. Nonetheless, users are free to set their custom time delays (which range from 30 minutes to 1200 minutes) to fit the delivery time of their coins.

Different custom time delays come with different transaction fees. Yet, all fees are reasonable and affordable.

  • User Language Friendly

Another interesting feature of Bitcoin Mixer is its language diversity. The site is available to users in the following languages:

  • English
  • Deutsch
  • Russian
  • Spanish

By communicating with users in their native language, this mixing service guarantees effective communication.

  • Easy-to-Use User Interface

Bitcoin Mixer operates an intuitive interface which can work on many mobile devices including PCs, tablets, and smartphones. Also, the site offers answers to frequently asked questions which keep users informed.

Also, on the blog are posts on Bitcoin and Bitcoin mixing. These materials are both educational and instructional. 

  • Prompt Support Service

For users who encounter problems in the course of placing orders, Bitcoin Mixer has a reliable support service. You only have to fill the contact form on main page.

When the issue has been resolved, email addresses are deleted 24 hours later.

  • No Logging Policy

Bitcoin Mixer does not store any logs of BTC transactions on their site. This policy reinforces user anonymity.

It equally ensures that law enforcement agents or researchers get no form of evidence of user activity on their mixing service.

  • Affiliate Program

The most interesting aspect of this mixing service is the Affiliate program which involves giving out 50-65% of commission to all participants. Commissions are paid out immediately and the only information required is a user’s Bitcoin address.

Final Thoughts

Bitcoin Mixer is set to improve the rate at which BTC users transact with confidence. Are you in search of a reliable Bitcoin mixer to mix your Bitcoins?

Bitcoin Mixer is the way to go. Start Mixing!