Bitcoin and virtual currencies have been expanding all over the world during the last years. But it requires a lot of efforts from local population and organizations to spread the word. And this is what La Bitcoineta is doing in Argentina.

What is La Bitcoineta?

La Bitcoineta – a combination of the words Bitcoin and Minivan in Spanish – is a project that has been launched at the beginning of June and is spreading the word about Bitcoin and blockchain technology.

La Bitcoineta CryptStorm 2

The team of La Bitcoineta talking during a trip on the road.

With a minivan, the team La Bitcoineta travels all over Argentina, meeting with local crypto enthusiasts and developers.

At CryptStorm we were able to contact the team behind this incredible proposal that is trying to teach and educate the population about Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and distributed ledger technology.

CryptStorm (CS): When and how did everything start?

La Bitcoineta (LB): Everything started as a way to spread a message that, in another way, it would never be able to be heard. The idea has been around for some time, and finally in June, we decided to go on the road.

CS: Which are the main topics that you talk about?

LB: About Bitcoin, we believe that in the future it can be a very strong economic system and it would be great for everyone to have the possibility to be part of it. But it is also important to understand it. You need to understand Value, Trust, redefine Transparency, rethink Power and better understand the meaning behind Freedom.

As money, it is faster and cheaper than banks. It is programmable, divisible, unfalsifiable, non-seizable, scarce, it cannot be manipulated by any state, and more.

As technology, it provides transparency and efficiency that would allow enterprises and states have higher trust and benefits that have never been imagined before.

CS: How do you decide to which cities to go?

LB: We have a ‘route plan’ that is always open to new proposals. Surprisingly, a lot of people write to us suggesting new ideas to connect nearby places where we go. Sometimes we are able to organize ourselves on the way and pass through these cities.

CS: How many team members do you have?

LB: The team behind La Bitcoineta is as big as the Bitcoin community. We are a lot of volunteers that are coordinated. In every single city, local crypto enthusiast receive us and later they keep in touch with us as part of the team.

CS: Which has been the most active and biggest community that you have seen?

LB: 15 days passed since we started the project, and it is unbelievable the repercussion that it had around the world. It would be very difficult to measure something like that, because we have arrived at small towns where there is people that heat their homes with mining rigs. We have also visited regions were we did not expect to have projects related to sustainable economies.

CS: Which are your future plans?

LB: The plan is to go around Argentina during 2018, and finish the year at Labitcoinf in Chile. After it, the intention is to start to go to other Latin American countries and promote the same project there, new ‘Bitcoinetas’ in different places.

If you want to know more about La Bitcoineta, you can follow them on Twitter. There they will be updating more information about the places where they will be going and all the activities they will be promoting.

At the moment they do not have a website, but very soon it will be available.

We are very grateful to the team behind La Bitcoineta that kindly accepted our questions and answered us very fast.