After a bad run in the last two weeks, Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Ripple (XPR) start to show favorable numbers.

Bitcoin Recovers

The current trend of Bitcoin in the last two hours (06:37 to 08:37 EST) has been to climb $ 253.32 in that time. Which leads the market’s leading cryptocurrency to recover by an approximate% 3.5 since its last value. From a low $ 7,165.12 at 06:37 it went to $ 7418.44 at 08:37, going twice for a few highs and momentary averages of $ 7458 between 07:37 and 08:12 Eastern Time.

Other favorites of the cryptocurrency market were not left behind. Ethereum began to take off today at around 06:52 with a value of $ 524.21, marking now (time writing, 09:00) a price of $ 556.08, going through $ 561 at 08:12 up in a total average of% 6.53 in two hours. Ripple was the first from early to take flight at 05:42 with $ 0.56 to arrive at 09:00 to $ 0.60 adding an average of 8% more from its value in the last 3 hours.

It is likely that the widespread rise this morning in the cryptocurrency market had to do with the red numbers of the last 48 hours, where bitcoin and other currencies reached their lowest figures in May, when bitcoin touched the $ 7072.29 last night May 28 at 9:44 p.m. Eastern Time. The rise of now may be related to the fall in prices yesterday and the massive purchase of the currency, which led it to recover in value.

Image Provided by Pixabay