The Forex market continues to attract a large number of investors and enthusiasts from all over the world that would like to make some profits trading currencies. This is why we have decided to do a list of the best forex trading signals channels on Telegram for you to have the information you need. 

In this guide, we will make a list of the best forest trading signals channels on Telegram and share with you the best services providers in the industry. 

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  1. AltSignals

AltSignals is the largest and most popular FX and crypto trading signals provider on Telegram. This is a must-have in our list of best forex trading signals channels on Telegram. The firm has been operating for several years and it is among the most recognized companies in the financial/crypto/forex market for offering trading signals. 

The firm is already offering solutions to over 50,000 individuals from all over the world, in different languages and with VIP signals trading solutions. You can have data to trade in the forex market with any available broker and also for virtual currencies with or without leverage. 

AltSignals is also providing regular reports and information about the trades they perform. This is going to make it certainly useful for individuals to get valuable information about the signals they provided during a specific month and for the exchanges they are handling at the moment. 

Finally, AltSignals is considered the best Forex Trading Signal Channel on Telegram because it provides users with a unique trading tool for TradingView that would automatically signal Buy and Sell points for a wide range of assets. 

  1. Forex Signal Factory

Forex Signal Factory is another firm among the best forex trading signals channels on Telegram. Although they do not have as many followers and clients as AltSignals, they are providing FX trading signals to users that want to improve their trading strategies. 

Some of the trading pairs they are currently using include XAU/USD (for those that love gold and precious metals), USD/JPY and GBP/USD. Of course, they are also offering signals for other trading pairs in the forex market. 

When the company sends a signal to their followers, they will also be sharing with them take profit levels and valuable information about the right moment to close the trade. 

  1. Forex Technical Analysis and Signals

This site is currently sharing FX trading signals to clients that want to have better information about the entire forex market. Signals can be very useful for both expert traders and newcomers to the market. 

They have already over 2,500 members and they support a large number of Forex brokers from different countries. Forex Technical Analysis and Signals is now offering its services in English but they may offer new solutions in the future in other languages, similar to what AltSignals is already doing. 

One of the weak points of this company is that they do not offer reports on a regular basis. Reports are really important for professional traders that need to understand which were the best performing trading pairs. 

  1. FxProEra

FXProEra is also providing VIP and normal Forex trading signals for users. The firm has been working on a regular basis so as to attract a large number of users to their Telegram channel. After all these years, FXProEra was able to get more than 7,000 individuals that are enjoying one of the best forex trading signals channels on Telegram. 

The firm is also offering 24/7 support for users and a customized and flexible plan for traders that want to have a clear strategy to be implemented and executed while trading in the forex market. 

One thing to take into consideration is that FXProEra, as well as AltSignals, have been checked and recognized by Safe.Trading as two of the most recognized and valuable platforms offering forex trading signals on Telegram. 

Conclusion – Best Forex Trading Signals Channels on Telegram

This post aimed at sharing with the community the best forex trading signals channels on telegram and how they can help you get the most advanced and accurate trading signals for the forex market directly to your Telegram account. 

Users can start following the aforementioned groups and start profiting with their signals. AltSignals has proven to be the best forex trading signals channel on Telegram after being in the market for several years, offering solutions to over 50,000 customers and developing its own TradingView indicator.