Author: Carlos Terenzi

Bitcoin ATMs Provide Fast and Convenient Access to Your Money

There isn’t a bitcoin user out there that wouldn’t want to see widespread adoption of bitcoin as a functional currency. Bitcoin ATMs are an example of this in action.  Bitcoin, the most popular of all cryptocurrencies, can be found in little pockets all over the world. While the use case scenarios of the digital currency are plentiful, the actual use of it- outside of it being a profitable asset for trading- seem to be much less so. Despite the fact the coin is more widely accepted by retailers and charities alike nowadays, and wallet access is as simple as...

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Cryptocurrencies are known for their volatile nature, having wild price fluctuations in short spans of time. In the past few years, crypto payments have grown in popularity, and more and more services have started accepting crypto coins on their platforms. But many are wary of accepting digital assets because of these fluctuations. is a company that aims to solve this problem by offering a Lightning network Blockchain Wallet to Standard and USD Business users that protect them from crypto market fluctuations. What Is is a crypto banking solution and project that was initially conceived in 2014,...

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