Author: Carlos Terenzi implements Monero’s sub-addresses implements Monero’s sub-addresses in crypto to crypto exchange, the leading crypto to crypto exchange without the need to register an account was first launched in 2017. The exchange has focused on privacy, simplicity and speed on a constant basis. It has a catalogue of more than 30 cryptocurrencies and tokens. Today, adds the latest implementations of monero’s sub-addresses. This constitutes another layer of privacy when it comes to observers trying to associate transfers from Monero to and from Let’s go in depth. was launched under the premise of respecting the transactional privacy of...

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Learn About Crypto Mining and Transactions: Cryptocurrency’s Bread and Butter

If you’ve ever dealt with cryptocurrency in any capacity, you probably know what the terms mining and transactions mean. These terms represent two of the most important aspects of cryptocurrency, and without them it wouldn’t have a leg to stand on, much less operate in any meaningful fashion. But, how much do you really know about the way cryptos get created and moved around? Odds are you don’t really know as much as you think. At least as far as the important stats are concerned. The truth is that anyone wanting to dabble in cryptocurrency simply needs to be...

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A Brief History of How Cryptocurrency Came About

Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies that use cryptographic protocols that are based on sophisticated engineering and mathematical principles. Today, many people are investing in Bitcoin and are getting a lot back from it. If you’re wondering which cryptocurrency you should invest in, make sure to check out this cryptocurrency buying guide from Even before the emergence of the first digital currency, the concept of cryptocurrency has already existed as a theoretical construct. If you’re wondering about how cryptocurrency came to be, here are some of the most important events that ushered its rise: Pre-Bitcoin Bitcoin might be the most...

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