Author: Adedamola Bada

The DRIFE Platform Aims to Disrupt the Transport Sector

DRIFE, a solution to centralized ride-hailing introduces the DRIFE platform, a decentralized transport ecosystem powered by the blockchain. DRIFE’s objective is to disrupt the existing ride-hailing business model and eliminate the corporate intermediaries involved in the transactions. It’s also a system designed to empower the value creators of the ride-hailing ecosystem. In the emerging market of private transport services, these value creators include drivers and community developers. Private transportation platforms have created a new paradigm for the industry. Unlike the taxi industry, the type of customers has changed. The current obsolete taxi model has been a hot topic...

Read More, the instant accountless exchanger, lists TrueUSD, the instant accountless exchanger, has just listed TrueUSD (TUSD) bringing the total number of available coins and tokens to 30.  This move provides users with instant access to TrueUSD, just using their preferred wallet while maintaining control over their private keys. First launched in 2017, the accountless exchanger is built by a veteran team developing on bitcoin since 2012. Its focus has been on privacy, simplicity and speed. It doesn’t require any registration, email nor account. And why would you want it any other way? Just one click to exchange seamlessly and instantly. You are always in...

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Orbis platform will offer a global ecosystem

ORBIS offers a platform that will make it easier to operate instantaneously and without fees In a noteworthy platform, we can find versatility and easy handling to operate with the funds stored in ORBIS. It has been created using a blockchain solution, with two currencies available on the platform. This brings many  advantages since they provide versatility to the system. Users can take advantage of these features to withdraw, transfer, spend and invest fiat money or cryptocurrency without charges. Adding instant actions without waiting time and with no intermediaries. OrbisSolutions was created with the concept of loss aversion, as...

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